First Solo Trip? Tips To Save Big On Commute, Accommodation & More!

by Shreya Ghosh
First Solo Trip? Tips To Save Big On Commute, Accommodation & More!

Firsts are always special. And when someone is on their way to make their first solo trip, the endorphins are always high and the feeling is so liberating. Amidst all the excitement, travellers often make mistakes while planning, traveling, and lastly end up overspending. But mistakes are a part of life and these can be easily avoided by following some basic tips. How to save big for your first solo trip? Continue reading to know more!


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1. Plan out the entire trip beforehand

Even after the excitement and enthralment, somewhere one will feel overwhelmed and intimidated during the first solo. The difference between reaching a new destination alone and with people is completely distinct. It is better to chalk out everything rather than doing it all at once after reaching. Though everything cannot happen according to plan, the basic decisions like accommodation must,-visit places, enough research, and information about the destination and the important steps for it eases the entire process in the beginning.

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2. Get a fair idea of the costly spending

Flight tickets/ train tickets to reach the destination, the place you are staying in, and the meals throughout the day cost the most on a vacation. And it is important to sort out all these expensive deals in the beginning. Good research and a fair overview of tickets are one of the most efficient tips to save big on commute. It is quite similar while booking the accommodation as well. Research every website that offers an overview of the hotels and understand everything properly before booking the room.


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3. Homestays and hostels

One of the most effortless tips to save big is opting for homestays and hostels. Homestays and hostels are the most convenient and also the most trending shelter for solo travellers these days. These are way cheaper than the hotels and hence an efficient way of saving a big chunk of money. The best part is that you might get a companion on your solo trip to venture out and experience more.

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4. Planning meals

Having mindful meals throughout the day is very crucial during a solo trip. Food expense is huge and planning the meals in a proper way helps in cutting down a good amount of expenditure. You can easily find accommodations that provide complimentary breakfast. This will help you to cut down the money that you were supposed to spend separately for breakfast. Since you are travelling alone, you have the option of balancing your meals accordingly. Therefore, chances are more to make the most out of your trip.

5. Walking tours

Walking tours are a very convenient way of saving money during solo trips. Exploring a new place while walking will not only restrict you from splurging money on public transport but also learn, explore, and experience the destination more. Meanwhile, you can even join travelers like you during your walking tours and build a good connection with them.

These are the most basic and most useful tips to save big on the commute, accommodation, and the entire trip. If your destination is Goa, then watch this video for some helpful tips to travel on a strict budget.