Four Cocktails That You Need To Try At Masala Bar

    The Mission

    Adding a whole new dimension to cocktails is Zorawar Kalra’s newest Masala Bar. The drinks are prepared in unique ways and served with perfect. Now your drinking weekends will become a completely awesome experience with Masala Bar.

    1. Sunset @ Carter

    The Sunset @ Carter captures the vibe of the place perfectly. It is a whiskey drink made with orange and rosemary infusions along with almond foam. All this comes together to establish the color of the setting sun beautifully.

    Sunset @ Carter

    2. An Evening at Chowpati

    This drink will take you back to a warm summer’s day in Mumbai being satiated by coconut water by the beach. The cocktail is a blend of coconut water along with vodka and curry leaves and topped with coconut fizz.


    An Evening at Chowpati MasalaBar


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    3. Bollywood Bhang

    Giving you the legal version of the drink, and it comes in a skull. With vodka and basil dragon smoke that you have to inhale before you take the first sip of the drink.


    malabar Point

    4. Malabar Point

    Dessert lovers have a special drink at Masala Bar. It is an amazing combination of chamomile and apple with vodka and thyme foam.

    Sasoon Dock


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    Kamiya Jani
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