Flaco, Rare Eagle-Owl, Escaped From Central Park Zoo; Found Chilling At New York’s Central Park

by Tooba Shaikh
Flaco, Rare Eagle-Owl, Escaped From Central Park Zoo; Found Chilling At New York’s Central Park

Owls are arguably the most majestic, cute, and ferocious of birds. One of the rarest owls on earth is the Eurasian Eagle-Owl. One of the places where you could have observed this majestic bird was the Zoo in Central Park. However, recently, the owl, who is named Flaco, escaped from where it was kept in the zoo and was found chilling on a branch of a tree. The zoo officials have been following the owl closely ever since.

Flaco Escaped From Central Park Zoo

A rare Eurasian Eagle-Owl called Flaco escaped from the Central Park Zoo in New York City, Manhattan. On the 2nd of February, Wednesday, the zoo authorities found that the wire mesh that secured the owl had been cut and the owl had managed to escape.

A hunt for the owl began. The zoo authorities were initially worried about the owl’s survival skills. Since the owl had been born and raised in an enclosed environment the zoo authorities were concerned that the owl didn’t have enough survival skills to survive in a natural habitat.

However, they shortly found the owl perched on the branch of a tree, just chilling. Instead of capturing it and reinstalling it back in the cage, the zoo authorities have been keeping close tabs on the owl and monitoring its progress.

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Credits: Flickr

Flaco Flourishes On His Own In The City

Since the owl has been located, its journey around the city has been documented extensively. It seems that despite being born and raised in an enclosed environment, the owl is adapting well to the outside environment.

So far, it has managed to successfully fend for itself and the zoo authorities have been relieved to see its progress. In a statement released by the zoo authorities, it was mentioned that the bird’s cage had been vandalised and that the wire mesh had been cut.

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Cover Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons