Flight Attendant Warns People About Gross Aeroplane Water In Viral Tik Tok Video

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar 982

Ever notice that coffee tastes different in the air than on the ground? There’s a reason behind the sour taste. The reason behind the underwhelming, and sometimes undrinkable mug you’re served when 30,000 feet above the ground? While there are many but the number one reason is the water that imparts the weird taste. A flight attendant Kat Kamalani’s, Tik Tok video has gone viral on the Internet where she dishes out why you should not drink water on the plane.

Water Used In The Lavatory & Drinking Is The Same

Planes have tanks filled with ‘potable water’, aka water used for washing your hands in the bathroom and it is not the cleanest. Therefore, rule number one is never to consume any liquid in a can or a bottle. Making things worse, those water tanks are never cleaned, and it is disgusting. Besides, they are located right next to the lavatories.

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Planes Store Water In Tanks That Are Never Cleaned

Kamalani also goes on to say that she and her fellow flight attendants never drink coffee or hot tea while on a flight, as they both use the gross same water tanks that are rarely cleaned. From Sandwich To Pizza, 6 Foods You Should Never Buy At The Airport.

Commercial Aeroplane Water Contain Bacteria

The flight attendant recommends asking for bottled water and canned soft drinks instead. An EPA report found that 12% of commercial aeroplane water tested positive for coliform bacteria which harms the gut health.

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Steer Clear Of Tea & Coffee While Flying

Never ask for a mug of tea or coffee while you are flying. At such a high altitude, water boils at a lower temperature than it does on the ground. A lower boiling temperature means that not as much of the bacteria can die with boiling. From Puke To Poop, Things That Go Into 5 Most Premium Tea & Coffee Variants.

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