From Sandwich To Pizza, 6 Foods You Should Never Buy At The Airport

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Sandwich To Pizza, 6 Foods You Should Never Buy At The Airport

Travelling by flights can be an enjoyable experience, but if you suffer from motion sickness, you’d like to be extra cautious while boarding the plane. Sometimes, your motion sickness can be aggravated by the meals you eat at the airport during layovers. And food served at the airports can be great or terrible, there’s no in-between. So, here are 6 foods you must never eat at the airport.

1. Pizza

If there’s one dish you can eat any time of the day, anywhere, it’s got to be pizza. Thanks to its convenience, price and taste, you’d never think twice before buying yourself a slice of pizza. But at the airports, you must think twice. Many airport eateries end up leaving food like pizza outside for the entire day. And food kept outside at incorrect temperatures can go bad. So, while it’s an easy item to purchase and eat when travelling, it’s recommended to avoid eating pizza.

2. Salad

Health freaks, if not an unhealthy pizza, if you think a healthy salad bowl is a better choice for airport food, then that’s not the case either. The reason for this is that the transfer of fresh produce to airport terminals doesn’t happen every day. So, even though fresh fruits and vegetables taste good, they might be lying on the shelf for quite some time. And there’s a chance that bacteria can grow on it. The next time you’re at the airport, avoid buying uncooked food, and stick to cooked meals.

foods not to buy at the airport

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3. Bacon

Bacon is undoubtedly one of the tastiest breakfast options ever, nonetheless, it’s also a risky one. Undercooked bacon can lead to severe food poisoning issues. Hardcore bacon enthusiasts can give their favourite dish a pass, if they later have to sit on a plane for many hours. After all, it isn’t worth risking your health, pre-flight just for a plate of bacon.

foods not to buy at the airport

4. Sandwich

Whether it’s a cafe, restaurant or food court at an airport, you’d find sandwiches everywhere. Pre-packaged sandwiches displayed on a glass shelf often seems like an attractive and convenient airport snack. But we’d say, think again. More often than not, the sandwiches are kept out for long, and reheated for customers. Sandwiches which feature different kinds of meat are worse options. Since they’re kept out on shelves for too long, spoilt meat can lead to food poisoning. It’s surely wise to avoid gorging on sandwiches when you’re at the airport.

foods not to buy at the airport

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5. Sushi

Whenever you travel, wherever you travel, you must remember to avoid uncooked foods at all cost. As exquisite, healthy and tasty sushi sounds, this Japanese dish is made out of raw ingredients. And when stored at wrong temperatures, sushi can go bad. And you might end up suffering from serious illnesses. Many airport restaurants end up offering you pre-packaged sushi, which you must also avoid. However, you can choose to eat sushi at a credible and exclusive Japanese restaurant situated at the airport.

foods not to buy at the airport

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6. Hummus

Who can resist a dollop of creamy hummus drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh parsley? From pita bread to fresh veggies, anything goes great with hummus. But this Arabic dish is prepared with chickpeas, which can often lead to gas. And this might create an awkward situation if you gorge on hummus right before you sit on a flight. You might end up feeling uncomfortable or even go on frequent bathroom breaks mid-flight. So, for the sake of your health and the comfort your fellow passengers, it’s advisable to avoid eating hummus at the airport, right before you board a flight.

Well, travel enthusiasts and foodies, these are the 6 dishes you must avoid eating in the airport at all costs. You can always indulge in these delicious dishes once you go back home after your flight journey.