Eating At The Airport During Pandemic: Tips To Handle Food Safely

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy2113

We almost always remember the first time we sat on a plane right? It seemed so tech-savvy and alien that many of us have funny airport stories (not always the romantic types, duh!) One of the highlights we would look towards is eating at the airport. Now maybe, we do not look at it with much gusto but come on, some of the Indian airports, you all have to agree, serves some delicious meals and snacks. Of course, the prices are high but well, that can’t be helped. Anyway, now with the pandemic a part of our daily life, we need to learn some precautionary steps to safeguard ourselves and our loved ones. This is important if we want to have the semblance of normalcy along with the corona as our unwelcome house guests. So jot them down friends, for we have tips on how to handle your airport food safely!

1. Get Food From A Place Where It’s Served Covered

This is a no-brainer, food items that are kept and served exposed become a breeding ground for germs, bacteria and their infamous cousin, coronavirus. Why allow unwanted visitors inside our body? Make sure the food is packed well (and of course hot) and that the place maintains strict hygienic routine. This means that the servers or the staff should be wearing masks, gloves and maintaining social distancing. This is of paramount importance so please be alert. And you too must wear mask, gloves and maintain social distancing at all times.

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2. Sit In A Secluded Spot Look

Never be comfortable in a crowded place as it will be a hotspot for the virus. Instead, search for a place that is relatively empty and try as much as possible to maintain social distancing. It is also important to carry sanitizers so that you can disinfect the table or chair where you will sit so to reduce your chance of contamination. Several restaurants in Bangalore strictly follow social distancing guidelines. 

eating at the airport safely

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3.  Use Online Payments Instead Of Cash Or Card To Reduce Contact

It is best to avoid exchanging currency notes as the coronavirus may be present on them. Thus, it is easier if you keep all your transactions on digital platforms. This helps reduce your contact with unknown people and keeps you safe. After all, your safety is in your hands. Thankfully almost all the eateries in the airports have digital payment methods and several places insist on digital method as it is safer.

eating at the airport safely4. Avoid Raw Food Items Like Salads

If you are assuming that a bowl of salad will be the healthier option, think again. It is been found that raw food items may be contaminated and thus, be more harmful to you and your loved ones. Thus, it is safe to opt for processed and cooked food items as they run a lower risk of contamination. Meanwhile, if you’re vegan you can keep a set of snacks like popcorn with you while travelling. 

eating at the airport safely
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5. Avoid The Airport Food Court

This is kind of a hard pill to swallow in this article but we would insist that you only choose to eat in the food court as a last resort. Otherwise always choose to dine at a restaurant in the airport, or better yet, carry some food items with you. However, if you do have to eat, then make sure you check the pointers mentioned above and only if they tick the boxes, that you should order. Meanwhile, take a trip down to the world’s most beautiful airport in Singapore. 

We hope you follow these pointers and enjoy your flight and airport meal. Bon Appetit!

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