10 Tips To Safely Visit A Mall During A Pandemic

by Tania Tarafdar
10 Tips To Safely Visit A Mall During A Pandemic

Shopping malls have reopened after being shut down for more than two months due to the coronavirus lockdown. Amid the interest to revisit malls, one question is still looming large in everyone’s minds – how safe are malls to visit? With the pandemic still upon us, social distancing is not the only criteria that we should follow when we go out to any public place. Here are all the safety protocols to follow during a mall visit.   

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1. Wear A Mask

The first step to ensure your safety in any public place is to wear a mask. If you do not have an N95 mask, a cotton mask can be your best bet. Here are 5 Trendy Masks Everyone Should Have In Their Wardrobe

2. Commit To What Your Are Buying Before Hand

Unlike before, we do not have the luxury to tour the mall taking our own sweet time. The best thing to do is to make a checklist of what we want to buy beforehand.This will limit your contact to surfaces which could otherwise be exposed to the virus.

3. Visit The Mall During Off Hours

The malls are surely giving a deserted look, but many stores have modified hours and have designated time in the day for older adults. Despite this, try to go at a time when you think the store might be less crowded so that you can practice better social distancing.

4. Sanitise Your Hands Before Entering A Store

Remind yourself to sanitise your hands before you enter and after you leave any particular store. Once in the store, touch only the items you need and avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth with your hands while at the store. According to a study in the New England Journal of Medicine, there is evidence that the deadly virus lasts up to three days on plastic and stainless steel, and thrive for longer on cardboard. 

5. Avoid Visiting Multiple Stores

We all like to check out several brands before we zero on that one thing that we would pick. However, it may not be the best thing to do right now as it increases our contact points. Avoid visiting multiple stores and buy as many items as you can from one store. A great tip is to already do some research on the brands’ online websites, so you already know what you want to pick. 

6. Wipe Down Your Shopping Cart

While a lot of stores is offering alcohol-based wipes, it is always a smart idea to bring extra wipes with you so you can clean the shopping cart and any other surface that you need to come in contact. From Shopping To Momos: This Is What Delhiites Are Missing The Most During Lockdown.


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7. Skip Using Dressing Rooms

In dressing rooms, you will have people in and out, changing clothes and touching everything. If you think a piece of clothing fits you well, avoid trying it on in the store. You always have an option of exchanging if there is any problem with the fit. 

8. Do Not Sit In The Food Court

Chilling out in the food court is a quintessential part of a mall visit but for now, avoid doing that please! You can just order takeouts and fulfil all your food dreams. Gurgaon’s First 24×7 Food Court Is Here To Cure Late Night Hunger Pangs!

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9. Avoid Taking The Elevators

Prefer taking the stairs and the escalators over elevators in a mall. When infected people use the elevators, they probably do leave some of their germs behind. Elevator buttons and side rails are a potential risk if your hands become contaminated and you touch your face. 

10. Take Precautions When You Get Home

When you finally get home after shopping, be sure to disinfect the surface you are using to unpack your items. Split the table into dirt and clean areas and get rid of unnecessary external packaging. Also, put your clothes for laundry and wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds (you know the drill!)

Let us also ensure that we use contactless payment options in the malls! It will save us all the hassle of going to the ATM and reduce our risk of contamination.