Flight Cancellations, Abrupt Pilot Resignations & More; What Is Happening With Akasa Air?

Akasa Air
by Tooba Shaikh

Akasa Air has been making headlines recently for its frequent cancellations and other challenges that it is facing in its day-to-day operations. It seems that one of the major reasons for this is the sudden resignation of a small set of pilots. These pilots, according to Akasa Air, did not serve their notice period and that created a lot of operational difficulties which led to the flight being cancelled. Here are all the details that are available so far.

What Is Happening With Akasa Air?

Akasa Air

Image Credits: @AkasaAir/X (Formerly, Twitter)

Akasa Air, the newly emerged low-cost carrier, has been facing some turbulent times. This particular airline faced a lot of flak for frequent cancellations and flight delays. It has been reported that it had to cancel a total of 15 flights in August alone.

Not only that but around eight of their flights were also delayed in the same month. This left flyers in a lurch as they had to book other costlier methods of transport. According to an article recently published by Moneycontrol, the airline’s market share slipped from 5.2 per cent to 4.2 per cent.

The airline blames these operational difficulties on the abrupt resignation of a small group of pilots. Around 43 pilots, as per Jagran, left without serving their contractually mandated notice period. This left the airline unable to maintain their regular number of flights which resulted in cancellations.

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Legal Action Taken Against The Pilots

Akasa Air

Image Credits: @AkasaAir/X (Formerly, Twitter)

The article also states that as per the CEO Vinay Dube, legal action is currently being taken on the group of pilots who left without serving their notice period. There were even rumours of the airline shutting down. However, the CEO has firmly denied such rumours of its closing.

According to the CEO, such a sudden and abrupt abandonment of their duties violates their contractual obligations and hence, the company will seek legal action against the group. As to why so many pilots resigned without serving the notice period, not much is known.

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Cover Image Credits: @AkasaAir/X (Formerly, Twitter)