Float 100,000 Feet To The Edge Of Space In A Balloon With Spaceship Neptune

by Suchismita Pal
Float 100,000 Feet To The Edge Of Space In A Balloon With Spaceship Neptune

Ever thought of travelling to space? You can now actually float 100,000 feet to the edge of space even without being an astronaut. Wondering how?  Space Perspective is going to launch a high-performance balloon named Spaceship Neptune that can take anybody to the edge of space. The balloon will be as spacious as a football field and it will take eight persons at a time on a six-hour journey to space. Now that’s one adventure we all had been waiting for. Read on to know more.

Space Balloon Spaceship
Picture Credits: Beautiful Life

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The Balloon Will Carry 8 People On A Six-Hour Journey To Space

With the advancement of technology, experts are planning to introduce commercial space stations and space hotels. Soon, any person will be able to fly to the edge of space on a state-of-the-art space balloon. The balloon covering the length of a football field will have a pressurised cabin and it will fit eight people. A pilot will be there to guide the six-hour journey. The balloon will take a total of four hours to ascend from and descend back to earth. While on the above, the passengers will get the opportunity to enjoy stunning views from the cabin for two hours. On that note, a Japanese astronaut has shared a breathtaking picture of Mount Fuji from space, leaving netizens in awe.

Space Balloon Spaceship
Picture Credits: Business Insider

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The Spaceship Will Be Environment Friendly

The balloon will be environment friendly with almost zero emissions. As per plans, the launch sites will be from Alaska and Hawaii.  Reportedly, the first test flight for the same will leave early next year. The test flight will depart from the Kennedy Space Center of NASA in Florida. The company has also said that the toilet too will have one of the best views the universe ever had. We can’t wait to enjoy the trip. Are you also excited to take a ride inside this wondrous spaceship? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.