Fly Dubai To Resume Services To India And Pakistan From 16 April

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Fly Dubai To Resume Services To India And Pakistan From 16 April

After Emirates and Etihad resumed operations, FlyDubai has now announced that it plans to resume services. FlyDubai plans to resume flights to India and Pakistan from 16 April. However, we hear there are certain terms and conditions on who can fly. Flights to India are reserved solely for Indian nationals, while flights to Pakistani are only meant for Pakistani nationals.

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You can book flights to destinations in India including Mumbai, Delhi, Cochin, Kozhikode, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Lucknow. Flight to Pakistan include Karachi, Multan, Sialkot and Faisalabad.

Credits: Flydubai
Credits: Flydubai

Additionally, people can only book oneway outbound trips as the UAE does not permit any inbound travelers at the moment. The frequency of the flights is restricted to only a few flights per week at the moment. Prices start from AED 1,800 upward, depending on the destination.

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What Else?

In other news, for the first time ever, Etihad airlines has launched a contactless covid screening system. The new technology screens Etihad passengers, identifying medically at-risk travellers. The technology helps in screening early stages of Covid-19. The system will be installed in the Etihad’s hub at Abu Dhabi International Airport. Testing through the new method will begin this month.

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The new system is designed by Australian company Elenium Automation, the system scans passengers’ heart rates, temperature and respiratory rates. It also permits self-automated check-in and bag-drop facilities. In case a possible illness is detected, an alert is sent to the Etihad staff on-site or via teleconference, who will then take the necessary action.

Credits: The National

However, Etihad warns that the system is not designed to detect any illness, but is only an indicator to identify people who could possibly be ill.

Jorg Oppermann, vice president hub and midfield operations at Etihad Airways said: “This technology is not designed or intended to diagnose medical conditions. It is an early warning indicator which will help to identify people with general symptoms, so that they can be further assessed by medical experts, potentially preventing the spread of some conditions to others preparing to board flights to multiple destinations.”