You May Soon Be Able To Fly From Mumbai To London In 60 Min

by Natasha Monteiro

What if we told you that your 9.5-hour long flight from Mumbai to London can be reduced to just 60 mins? No, we aren’t talking about time travel. We’re talking about some Elon Musk inspired hyperloop magic! Read on to know all the deets

What Is It?

Say Namaste London because soon you may be able to fly from Mumbai to London in just 1 hour! A company based in Oxfordshire, England – Reaction Engines – is working on creating a hypersonic passenger plane that will fly between Mumbai in India to London in the UK in mere 60 mins. According to the rumour mills, the plane is expected to fly at 3800 miles per hour. Well, you know what that means! Say goodbye to extremely boring, painfully long flights.

Now to put things in perspective, a flight from Mumbai to Goa is approx 45 mins and here’s a company claiming that it can transport you to another continent in just 1 hour! That’s lesser than a feature film, lesser than a single episode of Game of Thrones. How friggin cool! The organisation released news that it has successfully tested an engine cooling system for its hypersonic plane. The biggest challenge for hyperloop planes so far has been the overheating of the engines.

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What Else?

Now the errr bad news. If you thought flying business class was expensive, this one is going to cost you a LOT MORE! It’s expected to be so expensive, that the only ones who can afford it will be HNIs & celebs, but luckily there’s still some time until this turns into reality (the mid-2020s) from getting into action so now is a good time to work on your acting career ;)

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