FlyBig Flight Ticket From Pithoragarh To Pantnagar Costs ₹1,000; Netizens Call It “Desi Udankhatola”

Travelling by flight is now possible by spending only about ₹1,000.

by Shreya Ghosh
FlyBig Flight Ticket From Pithoragarh To Pantnagar Costs ₹1,000; Netizens Call It “Desi Udankhatola”

Flight tickets are exorbitantly high these days. We need to spend thousands to book each ticket and the price only surges if we book when the travel date approaches closer. Imagine spending only ₹1,000 to board a plane. Seems impossible. right? Well, FlyBig airline has surprised everyone by launching flight operations for as little as ₹1,000. The services are ongoing connecting some places in Uttarakhand. To know about the route and experience, read on.

FlyBig Started Flight Tickets For Just ₹1,000

Taking to Instagram, Distance Between Official | Travel Content Creator (@dbbyshubh) shared his experience of travelling with such an unbelievably cheap ticket.

FlyBig is a Gurugram-based regional airline and its primary aim is to connect the tier-2 cities in India. Since it began operating in December 2020, the airline has grabbed everyone’s attention quite a few times. It is once again making the headlines recently and the reason behind all the hype is surprising. FlyBig has started flight services where each passenger can book a ticket by paying only about ₹1,000.

The reel embedded above shows the creator travelling from Pithoragarh to Pantnagar in Uttarakhand with FlyBig and spending only ₹1,000. The journey of 50 minutes was from the Naini Saini Airport to the Pantnagar Airport. The plane carrying the passengers on this air route has only 15 seats. Interestingly, the flight does not have a washroom. The creator further added that the airline provides packets of chips, juice, and water bottles for everyone.

In fact, FlyBig also gives a small hand fan as the air-conditioner does not work at the very beginning of the journey. Along with other amenities, the airline adds earbuds as the plane makes too much noise. The travel creator shared how the aircraft shook quite a few times on the journey. The cockpit of this flight remains open so all the passengers can watch the pilots operating and flying the plane.

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Netizens Are Concerned About Safety

FlyBig Flight
Picture credit- Instagram/ Distance Between Official | Travel Content Creator (@dbbyshubh)

Hearing about the ticket fare, turbulences, no washroom, and much more, Instagrammers are commenting their concerns under the video. A hilarious comment read, “Chair khud se lekar ani padegi kya.” Someone called it the “Maruti 800 of flight.” A couple of Netizens commented that the pilots are actually interns. A comment read, “Ager ulti aye toh kaha karenge.” Many are even calling it “Maut Ka Khel” and “Desi Udankhatola.”

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Would you like to travel on this FlyBig flight?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Distance Between Official | Travel Content Creator (@dbbyshubh)

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