Flying Pizza By This Cook Has Left Netizens Amazed, Disgusted & Us Craving A Pizza!

by Shreya Ghosh
Flying Pizza By This Cook Has Left Netizens Amazed, Disgusted & Us Craving A Pizza!

If you watch lots of food and cooking videos on various social media platforms, how food looks super interesting with exciting twists and cool transitions. We often see vendors in many street food stalls either preparing the food or serving them in the most fascinating ways possible. This surely pulls the crowd and makes everyone wish to watch the skills IRL. One such video of a cook whipping a flying pizza is making rounds on the Internet. Let’s find out what this flying pizza is all about!

This Flying Pizza Video Is Getting Viral On Twitter

A Twitter page named CCTV IDIOTS uploaded a video on the account @cctvidiots that shows how a man is standing amidst a crowd and throwing a flattened pizza dough high in the air and then showing several expertise with it. It looks like an absolute juggling show and the crowd there was quite amazed with his skills.

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The cook takes the pizza base and then throws it at a high distance in the air. The most fascinating part of this video is how he catches the flying pizza base just like a frisbee. From throwing it to spinning it in his hands to juggling with it from different directions, he was an absolute show-stealer with his remarkable performance. As seen in the viral video, the crowd surrounding him is cheering for him and his exceptional skills. We are also very impressed with this video and how magnificently he does it all.

Twitter Users Have Different Reactions To This Viral Video!

The video already has amassed more than 14K views with over 300 likes and so many reactions. The reactions by Twitterati are quite mixed as some are praising the skills of the cook, on the other hand, some Tweeple are talking about how unhygienic this process is.

Some Twitter users are absolutely mind-blown to see the excellent skills of the cook and how he is handling the pizza dough and making it fly high in the air.

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Some are also concerned about the quality of the pizza base after being thrown in the air.

Will you try this flying pizza?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ CCTV IDIOTS (@cctvidiots)