Food Blogger Calls Varanasi’s Malaiyo ‘Iconic’; Locals Disapprove & Recommend Other Street Food

Do you think Varanasi's malaiyo is overrated?

by Shreya Ghosh
Food Blogger Calls Varanasi’s Malaiyo ‘Iconic’; Locals Disapprove & Recommend Other Street Food

Exploring the old streets of Varanasi is such a beautiful experience. Banaras ki galiyon ka baat hi alag hai! And what better than yummy street food to accompany you on this journey and enhance the travel experience? The holy city is famous for loads of delish street food options and one of the most popular ones is Malaiyo. Recently, a video of this winter delicacy is making rounds online and looks like foodies are not much impressed with it.

A Video Of Varanasi’s Iconic Dessert Malaiyo Goes Viral

Taking to Instagram, Gaurav Tomar Food Blogger ( shared a video of making and serving the rich winter dessert.

The appetising winter-special delicacy is rich in milk and the goodness of dry fruits. The fluffy texture of Malaiyo melts inside our mouths in just a second and soothes our souls. According to the caption of the viral Instagram reel, the video has been shot at the famous Shreeji Sweets in Varanasi. Mouth-watering malaiyo is available only during the morning hours of the winter season. This dessert is found in most streets and lanes of Varanasi.

Not just in Varanasi, it is quite a famous dessert found easily in many parts of North India. From Delhi to Lucknow, many foodies love to relish this delicacy in the shivering cold weather. Interestingly, malaiyo is called by different names in different places.

For many travellers, a trip to Varanasi in the winter season is actually incomplete without indulging in yummy malaiyo from any shop. This delicacy is one of the must-try street foods of the holy city and grabs loads of attention in the winter season. Most shops serving malaiyo attract a lot of customers standing in lines to enjoy it.

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Netizens Do Not Find The Dessert Impressive

Picture credit- Instagram/ Gaurav Tomar Food Blogger (

From the past few years to now, hundreds and thousands of videos on malaiyo have been surfacing on social media platforms. Even people who have not tasted the dessert yet also know so much about it by now. Seeing the viral Instagram reel, many Instagrammers called the sweet dish overhyped. In fact, some even commented how buying this dessert is simply a waste of money as it does not taste that good. Some locals of the city recommend trying local chaat, kachori, badaam sharbat, and lassi instead of malaiyo. Interestingly, locals disapprove of the dessert being iconic and call it overrated.

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Have you tried malaiyo in Varanasi yet?

Cover Image Courtesy: Instagram/ Gaurav Tomar Food Blogger (

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