4 Places To Visit To Grab The Best Malai Makhan This Winter Season

Check out these places in India for the best Malai Makhan of the season!

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
4 Places To Visit To Grab The Best Malai Makhan This Winter Season

Makhan Malai, also known as Malai Makhan, is a wintertime sweet snack prepared from milk cream. It is also referred to as “Malaiyo” or Nimish. It’s a milk cream-based, frothy delicacy that tastes great in the winter. The texture is comparable to that of whipped cream. This unusual dessert is something you should not miss during the winter! Here are four places in India for you to grab the best ones!

Best Malai Makhan This Winter Season

1. Lucknow

Some people think it came from Mathura. After that, it was brought to Lucknow and given to the Nawabs, who cherished it. Edible silver foil and dry fruits embellish Makhan Malai. During winter, the famous Gol Darwaza in Lucknow’s centuries-old Chowk market comes to life as early as five in the morning.

2. Banaras

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Traditionally served in the winding lanes of Banaras, this seasonal sweet delicacy has a layer of pistachio on top. This city’s form of malaiyyo, or nimish, is distinguished from others found in various parts of North India by the additional saffron that gives it a golden hue. This can be tasted at Lanka Gate, BHU, Banaras, or Varanasi. 

3. Kanpur

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One might see a hint of Indian culture in Uttar Pradesh. The variety of its cultures is reflected in the cuisine. Uttar Pradesh’s cuisine is mostly known for its “Makhan Malai,” a delectable treat from Kanpur that has made the state well-known in the culinary world. “Makhan Malai” has existed in India for as long as the British did. Shukla Ji Makhan Wale, located on Birhana Road across from Puran Pan Bhandar, is the best spot to get malai makhan. 

4. Delhi

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The finest place to try daulat ki chaat is in Old Delhi, where there are several carts distributing the freshest varieties of the dish around the walled city during the winter. Everyone knows about the light-as-air, delicate-as-dew chaat that takes over the streets of Chandni Chowk, Sitaram Bazaar, and Dariba Kalan in Delhi every winter, but nobody knows who Daulat was or whether there was anyone called Daulat at all.
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Malai Makhan: A Tedious Process

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Malai Makhan serves as a fascinating example of the significant function that delicate dew drops play in this underappreciated cuisine. It has a laborious recipe. The dessert requires eight hours to prepare. 

The cow milk is first boiled in a large pot the day before, and it is then cooked slowly over a chullah or clay oven. After adding a significant amount of fresh cream, the milk is heated once more. 

After that, it is allowed to naturally cool while hanging outside in the evening sky. It spends the next five to seven hours in this stage. The moment the milk is exposed to dew and nature gives this special treat, its soul is maybe the most important. 

The sole reason Malaiyo cannot be made in the summer is because butter melts in the heat. The mixture exposed to the dew is mixed again for a few hours in the morning. Next comes the addition of sugar, and Nimish is ready to eat. 

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Have you ever tasted this unique dessert?

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