Established In 1989, Amravati’s Palekar Bakery Is A Must-Visit Spot For Some Delish Milk Bread & Cookies

by Vaishalee Kalvankar
Established In 1989, Amravati’s Palekar Bakery Is A Must-Visit Spot For Some Delish Milk Bread & Cookies

No matter how many expensive cookies you buy, those cookies will never be able to give you the delicious taste and aroma that local bakery’s cookies do. Talking about local bakeries, have you ever visited Palekar bakery in Amravati, Maharashtra? No, trust us, you are missing out on some heavenly delicious bakery products! From fluffy cupcakes to crunchy cookies, Palekar’s offers only the best!

Amravati’s Palekar Bakery Is A Must-Visit Spot

Credits: @palekar/Website

Walk past this bakery in busy lane in Amravati, and we are sure you will not be able to pass Palekar bakery without going inside and indulging in some delicious cookies and cupcakes. 

A company in the Indian food sector, Palekar Bakery sells breads, buns, rusks, puff pastry, cookies, cakes, and pastries. Palekar Bakery was established in 1989 and has been everyone’s favourite ever since. 

The nankhatai, or cookies, from this bakery are simply the definition of tasty. With every bit, you wonder about how these cookies are baked to perfection. Even the crunch of these cookies feels the same, even after so many years. 

Talk about their cupcakes; they are worth falling in love with. They tend to simply melt in your mouth, bite by bite, leaving an amazing aftertaste in your mouth and satisfaction in your heart. 

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Milk Bread And Quality Check

Credits: @palekar’s/website

Another famous item from this bakery is the milk bread. Milk bread, also known as Hokkaido milk bread, is a type of white bread that is extremely soft and fluffy and has a hint of sweetness. Because the starch in the flour maintains more moisture when heated, the flour paste and milk strands are cooked on top of the burner. 

Making these breads is not as easy as it sounds, and honestly, there is no other place than Palekar Bakery to try them. 

They offer milk bread, brown bread, Briney bread, daily delight bread, pav bhaji buns, and more. The bakery also has donuts, pizza base, chocolate pastry, puff khari, butter lite cookies, butter nankhatai, mousse, and more, which are an absolute must-try!

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Taste Of Trust

Credits: @palekars/Website

The company, which began as a little shrub, has expanded into a big tree that serves a wide range of customer needs. Their unwavering commitment to quality and taste has allowed them to reach such heights, and as a result, they have been growing beautifully. Palekar bakery has gained the trust and confidence of all its customers throughout Maharashtra and other places. 

Since 189, the Palekar bakery has stood for excellence, health, and superb flavour regardless of whether it is in a large metropolis or a small Maharashtra town! Customers in even the most remote parts of Maharashtra and the smallest villages can get Palekar bakery products.

A small bakery was established at the Amravati market in 1989, and it is still ruling the hearts of many people. If you have never visited this bakery, well, what are you waiting for?

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When are you visiting?

Cover Image Courtesy: @palekar/website

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