Foodies, This Cafe In Dubai Is Offering A Unique Dish, Shawarma Pani Puri & You Gotta Try It!

by Deeplata Garde
Foodies, This Cafe In Dubai Is Offering A Unique Dish, Shawarma Pani Puri & You Gotta Try It!

Dubai, renowned for its diverse culture and thriving culinary landscape, hosts an exceptional café that stands out for its innovative culinary creations. Nestled in Oud Metha, Mai Chai isn’t just your typical café! It’s a fusion haven where the aromatic essence of traditional Indian flavours intertwines with the exotic tastes of the Middle East. It’s crafting an unparalleled culinary experience that is as thrilling as it is delicious. So today let’s talk about their unique offering, Shawarma Pani Puri.

Mai Chai: A Fusion Culinary Adventure in Dubai


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A Taste of Bliss

Founded not merely to serve the finest chai in the city, Mai Chai strives to create a communal haven. Prioritising happiness, the café’s philosophy revolves around spreading joy through its delectable array of food and beverages. Their extensive menu serves as a testament to this ethos, presenting a diverse selection of teas, juices, and snacks.

Shawarma Pani Puri: A Fusion Masterpiece

Standing out among Mai Chai’s offerings is the Shawarma Pani Puri. This creation seamlessly blends two beloved street foods from distinct corners of the world. Pani Puri, an adored Indian snack, comprises a hollow, crisp sphere filled with flavoured water, tamarind chutney, chilli, chaat masala, potato, onion, and chickpeas. Shawarma, a Middle Eastern delight, involves meat rotating on a spit, sometimes for an entire day.

In Mai Chai Shawarma Pani Puri, the customary fillings of Pani Puri give way to tantalising shawarma meat, resulting in an explosion of flavours that promises to tantalise the taste buds. This innovative amalgamation of tastes underscores Mai Chai’s dedication to pushing culinary boundaries and offering unparalleled dining experiences to its patrons.

Beyond Tea and Savouries


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While the Shawarma Pani Puri at Mai Chai is undoubtedly a standout, the café’s menu doesn’t rest on this laurel alone. It boasts an extensive assortment of teas, including Mumbai Cutting Chai, Mangalore Tea, Zafran Chai, Masala Chai, Pahadi Chai, and Adrak Chai. Complementing these are a variety of savouries, encompassing Indian favourites such as Vada Pav and samosa alongside Middle Eastern classics like shawarmas. Did you know Mai Chai also offers delectable biryani? Yes, they also serve the main course dishes here.. From breakfast specials like chana paratha and bun maska to kababs, rolls, and sandwiches, Mai Chai serves it all! Don’t forget to gorge on their momos and maggis when in Dubai.

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Embracing Fusion, Beyond Mai Chai


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Though Mai Chai leads the charge with its Shawarma Pani Puri, there are other great pioneers in Dubai. Other cafés across Dubai are also venturing into fusion dishes. Yet, as of now, none have introduced Shawarma Pani Puri on their menus.

In Closing

Mai Chai transcends the notion of being solely a café; it’s a realm where cultures converge in a delectable and harmonious manner. Whether one’s heart lies with traditional Indian snacks, Middle Eastern delights, or the sheer joy of exploring new flavours, Mai Chai caters to a diverse audience. When in Dubai, visiting Mai Chai is a must. It’s offering the chance to relish their unique Shawarma Pani Puri – an experience not to be missed!

Where: Oud Mehta, Dubai
When: 7 am – 1:30 am
Cost: AED 75 for two

Cover Image Courtesy: Insta/ Mai Chai

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