5 Foods From Malaika Arora’s Diet You Should Include For Healthy Living

by Shreya Ghosh
5 Foods From Malaika Arora’s Diet You Should Include For Healthy Living

To stay the fittest and look beautiful from both inside and outside, one needs to be happy, follow a healthy and nutritious diet, and most importantly emaphasise on physical fitness. Malaika Arora is the biggest example of how one can look so beautiful with clean eating and focusing on fitness. She is a fitness enthusiast and often shares tips and tricks behind her stunning looks and how she keeps herself healthy and fit. Also, she follows intermittent fasting and we can clearly see the results in her. We are sure you want to know the secrets too, right? Well, here are 5 foods that are a major part of the Bollywood actress’ diet.

Foods From Malaika Arora’s Diet You Need To Have For Healthy Living

1. Liquid Diet

Malaika starts her day by indulging in a small spread of a healthy liquid diet. She begins the morning with coconut oil, some ghee, jeera water, and a glass of lemon juice. That’s indeed a great way to kickstart the day.


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2. A Mix Of Nuts

Next on her menu is lots of nuts. As we already said she follows intermittent fasting, so she grabs some nuts to break the fast. Nuts are rich in tons of benefits and provide her great energy to begin the day with.

3. A Well-Balanced Lunch

Moving on to the next meal of the day, lunch. She prefers eating a proper lunch with the perfect balance of carbs, good fats, and protein. Malaika also mentioned that she eats foods such as rice with chicken, some vegetables, or whole grains.

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4. Light Snacks

For the evening, a light healthy snack is all she eats. She makes sure to eat something healthy and nutritious such as some sprouts or peanut salad in the evening.

5. Dinner

Malaika eats her last meal of the day by 7 pm. She eats some light food at dinner to sleep better. She often relishes some vegetables and something with a good amount of carbs. A proper dinner with the right nutrients make sure that she doesn’t feel hungry for 17-18 hours and can follow intermittent fasting.

A Great Tip By Malaika Arora:

Nothing can ever come closer to ghar ka khana. Most celebrities often share how they are dependent on nutritious homemade food to get the fitness we always dream of. Malaika makes sure to eat homemade food. In fact, she tries to bring food from her home on shoot days.

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