Football Fan & Mom Of 5, Naaji Noushi Has Reached Qatar In Her Car And We’re Living Vicariously Through Her Posts

by Deeplata Garde 149

The love of football has brought too many fans in Qatar from faraway lands. But the love for FIFA of this Malayali woman from Kerela, India stands out. This solo traveller and mom of 5 made a mission to reach Qatar to attend the football megaevent by car. And she has successfully completed her goal and her snaps on Instagram are going viral. Let’s take a sneak peek at Naaji Noushi’s recent Qatar updates!

Naaji Took Her Home On Wheels To Catch Qatar FIFA World Cup

Naaji Noushi, a 33-year-old mother of five, set out on her adventure on October 15 after being greeted by Kerala minister Anthony Raju in Kannur. En route to the World Cup, she traversed Mumbai and travelled through a number of nations. Noushi travelled to Qatar in an SUV after travelling around 3,000 kilometres from her home city.

Naaji Noushi is a stay-at-home mom, a travel enthusiast, a blogger, and a YouTuber. She is an avid follower of Argentina and Lionel Messi and a passionate football lover. The Instagram influencer has been chronicling her 49-day journey by uploading pictures and videos to the platform.

Noushi is familiar with the Gulf nations. lives in Oman and has a GCC driving permit that is current. She is therefore familiar with the local roadways.

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Noushi Plans To Move To Bahrain Post World Cup

After the World Cup, she will go to Bahrain, Kuwait, and other nations after crossing Oman, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia to arrive in Qatar.

There are certainly many ardent fans like Noushi who went undocumented and viral and we are always in quest of travel junkies. Stay tuned!

Cover Image Courtesy:  Instagram/ Naaji Noushi