Foreign Tourist Yells At Uttarakhand Policeman, Refuses To Wear Mask & Says Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist

by Sanjana Shenoy
Foreign Tourist Yells At Uttarakhand Policeman, Refuses To Wear Mask & Says Coronavirus Doesn’t Exist

Let’s face it, wearing masks, using hand sanitizers and maintaining social distancing is the new normal. Coronavirus is unfortunately here to stay. And the sooner we avoid unnecessary travel and take necessary precautions, the safer we’d be. But there are still some people across the world, who don’t take COVID-19 seriously and have a hard time accepting the new normal. A foreign tourist recently called coronavirus a myth while arguing with a policeman in Uttarakhand. The policeman stopped her for not wearing a face mask. He tried to fine her for not wearing a face mask. But she yelled at the policeman and said coronavirus doesn’t exist. Read on to know more.

Foreign Tourist In Uttarakhand Doesn’t Wear Mask And Says Coronavrisu Doesn’t Exist To Policeman

A policeman from Uttarakhand stopped a foreign tourist for not wearing a face mask. The woman stopped by the policeman yelled that she didn’t have corona. A bystander took a video of this situation. The woman was seen screaming at the policeman: “‘I don’t have f*****g corona, I had a f*****g test!” The officer responds by saying “all people have corona'”. But the woman insists, “Nobody has corona, it doesn’t exist!” The masked officer then tells the lady ‘This is not your country, this is not your country.” But the woman then responds “I don’t give a f**k”.

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Earlier Foreign Tourists In Rishikesh Flouted Lockdown Rules

In the Daily Mail posted video, she then turns her back on the tired policeman. At the end of the video, she tries to negotiate with a man on a bike to reduce the price of a lift. Well, this is not the first time foreign tourists refuse to abide by coronavirus guidelines in India. Earlier in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand police caught a group of foreign tourists flouting lockdown rules amid the 21-day nationwide lockdown. The police made the tourists write  “I did not follow the rules of lockdown so I am so sorry, 500 times for violating lockdown rules.

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Well, we sincerely hope that foreign tourists respect and understand the lockdown guidelines of our country and sincerely follow it for our and their safety. Meanwhile, check out this interesting video of Desi cops spreading awareness of coronavirus in creative ways across the country.