Her’s How To Identify And Deal With A Covidiot While Travelling

by Tania Tarafdar
Her’s How To Identify And Deal With A Covidiot While Travelling

Covidiot’ has been trending on Twitter and other microblogging sites since the onset of a pandemic. If you do not know what covidiot means, it refers to a person who defies all the social distancing rules and other etiquettes that one is supposed to follow during the pandemic. In a nutshell, a covidiot is a person who goes against health advisories and does things that are being warned against. It iSuch people put not only themselves but also others at risk. So how do you spot and deal with a covidiot while travelling? Here’s all you need to know.

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1. They Hide Their Travel History

People who would otherwise boast about their foreign trips and exotic cultures suddenly seem to zip their mouth regarding travel history to a corona affected country despite bits of advice. At least not until flu symptoms throw up, they would have already affected a hundred others. But then, do Covidiots care? Travelling Within India During The Pandemic: Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

2. They Are Not Serious About Corona

You will hear them saying corona is just marketing propaganda by China and is a brand positioning strategy of pharmaceutical companies selling sanitisers and masks. They say that travel bans and lockdowns are useless and corona is just a product of fear-mongering. Indians have the highest immunity to the virus, and we will beat it. If you hear anyone throwing such logics stay away as they may be defying all the rules as well.

Image Courtesy: Coronavirus Covid-19

3. They Stockpile

Put simply; government pieces of advice is not easy to follow. “Step out only if necessary and do not crowd in places”. “Do not panic buy”. Still, you will find some people in shops and malls of airports hoarding on things and coming in contact with every item that is there in the shop. You know it in the first glance that he or she is a covidiot. From Shopping To Momos: This Is What Delhiites Are Missing The Most During Lockdown.

Image Credits: The Culture Trip

4. They Have Brazen Confidence

They are young, fir and clean and so they feel that they can meet and greet people and have nothing to worry about. They are sure that the virus won’t reach them and that they can’t give it yo others. So if you spot anyone trying to get in an unnecessary conversation with you or forcefully trying to socialise, stay away!

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5. They Cough Saying It’s Only Flu

Oh, what’s the worry, anyway? They are not wearing a mask and have a nasty cold, and upon questioning, they claim that it is only flu. Better proceed with caution if you notice such people around. The best thing to, however, do is to just step far away from them instead of indulging in unnecessary banter because covidiots don’t listen. Meals Permitted On Flights; Passengers Without Masks To Be Put On No-Fly List.

So when you are out, take a moment and look around. Spot and note them, and once you do stay away because you would never want to put your health at risk because of others.