Forget Shawarma Rolls, Try Shawarma Burger At Shawarma King’s In Delhi For ₹80!

shawarma burger
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan1370

Mughlai magic never stops giving. Delhi takes its shawarmas very seriously but, that doesn’t mean we’re prudes. While we lobe that minced meet in a wrap, we’re always up for some cultural exchange and innovation. Meet, Shawarma buns. Delhi loves them as much as rolls and yet, few know this even exists. Shawarma King’s have two outlets in Delhi doing god’s work. Their Shawarma burger for ₹80 is worth more than money could ever buy.

What is it

The same shawarma flavour, the same fine minced meat, the yummy dips and sauces and that smoky flavour from the vertical rotisserie – this is everything we love about shawarmas. Shawarma burgers bring all the happiness with one small difference. Instead of thin rotis wrapped around all this magic holding it together, two thick buns are put to work. The softness inside and the crispy outsides make this bread the perfect companion to shawarma fillings. Who said that dip we love so much only belongs in wraps? We need more and more brilliant cooking to find all the things that shawarmas could diversify into! They make chicken and paneer both for the same price. If you want some good old classic shawarmas, Al Bake In New Friends Colony, South Delhi Carries The Legacy Of The Tastiest Shawarma For ₹120!

shawarma burger

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What’s more

Shawarma King’s also make shawarma sandwiches for ₹120. If their shawarma burger is not big enough for you, go for this. They serve 4 grilled sandwiches filled with layers of meat or paneer. In rolls, they do a mean soya roll. You can opt for paranthas or regular, whichever you’re in the mood for that day. They’re a takeaway stall where you can also stand and eat. The place carries a casual air of belongingness. Their rotisserie is a sight for sore eyes. Watching your food being cut fresh off a rotating vertical mystical machine is a satisfying feeling. If parantha rolls are not doing it for you, try Butter Naan Rolls? Juneja’s In Delhi’s Meharchand Market Serves Butter Chicken Rolls In Naan!

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Shawarma burgers can never replaces shawarma rolls, but the same applies the other way around too. They have their own special place in Delhi’s dil. We’re just glad we’ve found a place that does them so well and available at 2 locations in the city.

Where: 14, Apsara Arcade, Near Metro Station, Karol Bagh and Block B, Shiv Nagar Stall, Janakpuri

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