Ever Had Butter Naan Rolls? Juneja’s In Delhi’s Meharchand Market Serves Butter Chicken Rolls In Naan!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Ever Had Butter Naan Rolls? Juneja’s In Delhi’s Meharchand Market Serves Butter Chicken Rolls In Naan!

The king of Mughlai food has a special surprise for Delhiites. We love butter chicken and butter naan. It’s our comfort food, our celebratory food, our one true love. What if we put the two together? That’s right! We found someone who figured out a way. You are going to love this. What is the one thing Delhi loves as much as butter chicken? Rolls! Mughlai rolls here are the best gift Akbar could ever give us. Who knows if it was him but, who cares anyway. People come and go, what stays is culture. Juneja’s Eating Plaza in Meharchand Market just gave birth to a whole new culture. We are never going to let this go. They made butter chicken rolls in butter naan, it’s butter naan rolls!

What is it

This is arguably the best roll in the city and that is saying something standing next to Old Delhi. Our favourite flavours rolled in a sinful giant butter naan is the only thing we need this winter. Butter Naan Rolls came straight from heaven to make up for the woes of the 21st century. A big bite into these brings our childhood memories to mind. It’s like a giant hug. First your feel the crispy butter naan, then comes the fragrance of butter chicken gravy and finally, the perfectly cooked chicken. A slice of onion dipped in green chutney with that bite just fills the holes in our day. with every bite, the rolls go deeper into our souls and just gets better.

butter naan rolls
mage Credit: eattreat

One portion comes cut in half. It’s quite fat and heavy, naturally. It’s like eating a naan with more butter chicken than one can handle. Oh, who are we kidding, there’s never more butter chicken than we can handle! Butter naan rolls are inspired. We can’t believe no one thought of this before Juneja’s. No wonder these guys are so iconic. They serve the Butter Chicken Rolls for ₹195 in butter naan. They also have a rumali roti option for ₹175. Chicken Malai Tikka Rolls (₹195) and Afghani Soya Roll (₹165) are also great.

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What’s more

They’ve set shop opposite Delhi pride Lodhi Art District reflecting the heart of artists and the colours of Delhi. It’s a small seating area, cozy and clean. The service is pretty good but, making a masterful butter naan roll surely takes some time. We’d gladly wait for such perfection. However, that’s not the only thing these guys are masters of. Regular Dal Makhani, tikkas and everything you’d want from a north Indian meal is up to the mark.

butter chicken
Image Credit: Brooklynstreetart, yellowthyme (for rep)

We highly recommend you drop whatever you’re doing or planning to eat and spend your winter cheat days here. Eat it like you mean it!

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Where: 74, Meharchand Market, Lodhi Colony

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