Al Bake In New Friends Colony, South Delhi Carries The Legacy Of The Tastiest Shawarma For ₹120!

by Vidisha Khaitan
Al Bake In New Friends Colony, South Delhi Carries The Legacy Of The Tastiest Shawarma For ₹120!

Watching a rotisserie gives Delhiites great pleasure. Meat stacked vertically, slowly turning over an oven for that perfect slow-roasted texture is a specialty in this city. This is our favourite way to roast chicken for Delhi’s soul food, shawarma. The Middle East is closer than we think because the capital city can’t go a single day without comfort food. Today we want to introduce you to our hiding place, our comfort space, Al Bake. When it comes to Shawarma, there’s nothing better than this in the city. MZ Beg travelled all the way from Saudi Arabia with his shawarma machine and changed the way Delhi eats 25 years ago. Soon after, his son quit engineering in his home country and followed his father to run this legendary food place in New Friends Colony.

What is it

Melt in your mouth shawarma used to be a fantasy before Al Bake. They have three kinds of shawarma, chicken, paneer and egg, all priced at ₹120. They serve two pieces of shawarma that can flip your day, change your mood and satiate your appetite all at once. A soft roti is filled with minced chicken which in itself has enough flavour to hold the meal together but, it doesn’t have to. These light airy rolls are served with a rich yogurt based Middle Eastern dip. This simple combination is the only thing we need to elate us to heavenly happiness.

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What’s more

Someone who does shawarma so well can’t stop just there. They have crispy chicken rolls too which are a whole new way of eating. Their menu consists of everything from kebabs to typical Delhi north Indian food. This place has become a one stop shop for every food craving, specially for locals. The regulars here can’t settle for anything else once they eat the OG Delhi shawarma.

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al bake
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Al Bake is a must-visit place for any tourist. If travel time is limited, then order from this place, if only just to try it out. It won’t give you the experience of being awestruck by the vibe this place carries, but the shawarma will be worth it!

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Where: 21-23, Community Centre, New Friends Colony

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