Four Changes To Expect At Dubai Cinemas

by Vaishnavi Venkataraman
Four Changes To Expect At Dubai Cinemas

On 25 May, Dubai announced reopening of gyms, malls, cinemas and other entertainment venues in the city. And now, residents who are planning to movie date have a set of rules to abide by. A stringent hygiene protocol has been set for cinema chains to reopen after two months. Among the rules that are mandatory are social distancing and wearing a facemask at all times.

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Here are changes you must expect when you go to the movies next:

1. Reduced Show Time

Showtimes have been reduced drastically, and rightly so. Most films are screened only once a day, a few blockbusters such as Birds of Prey run two shows per day. In addition, with Covid rules still in place, most films screening currently are re-runs. So, in case you missed your favorite flick, here’s your chance to catch up.

2. One-Size Popcorn

You can munch on your favourite popcorn through the film, but only in one size. Customers cannot order popcorn in different sizes as they come pre-packed in a resealable paper bag. But don’t worry, its more than enough for during the film and for your drive back home.

3. Seating Arrangement

The website seating plan is way different form what it used to be. A lot seats are blocked off. Normally, customers could pick up to 110 seats. However, the number has now been reduced to 32 seats only.

So, you can be rest assured of the social distancing norms. In addition, the seats also read ”

Credits: The National

To protect yourself and others, please keep this seat free.”

Credits: The National

4. Social Distancing Monitors

Social distancing monitors patrol the hall throughout the time, to ensure people follow a safe two metres distance. In addition all staff wear facemask and gloves at all times. Staff also periodically check seats to ensure people are not sitting on seats that have been blocked off.

Other Precautionary Guidelines

-Temperature checks are required prior to entry
-Wearing a face mask is mandatory
-Hand sanitising using the sanitisers provided
-Online tickets purchase
– Social distancing of 2 metres
– Contactless payments are encouraged
– Social distancing maintained inside the theatre
– Families are allowed to sit together (a maximum of 4 people)
-Social distancing when queuing
-Age limits stated by authorities will be applied, and staff may need to verify the age by checking Emirates ID card
-Children under 12 and adults over 60 years old will not be admitted

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Other Precautionary Measures

– 30% in-cinema seating capacity
– Only disposable cutlery will be used
– Rigorous sanitisation routines will be implemented at all touchpoints
– For sanitisation and cleaning, materials which are approved by Dubai Municipality will be used
– Touchless sanitisers are placed around the cinema
– Staff will be wearing masks and gloves at all times
– Staff temperature will be checked regularly
– Staff will maintain a high level of personal hygiene