“Four Reasons To Love Kolkata”, Harsh Goenka’s Tweet On Kolkata Street Food Will Make You Drool

by Shreya Ghosh
“Four Reasons To Love Kolkata”, Harsh Goenka’s Tweet On Kolkata Street Food Will Make You Drool

India is home to so many people from different regions, following their unique traditions, celebrating different festivals, and of course gorging on such a huge spread of authentic delicacies. Today, I am talking about Kolkata’s iconic food items; the most famous street food of the City of Joy. Harsh Goenka recently shared the reasons behind his love for the city and we are completely drooling over it.

Here’s Why Harsh Goenka Loves Kolkata

The industrialist made our day by sharing some pictures of some of the most loved and relished street food items in the city. Sharing a grand sneak peek into the huge street food scenes of the West Bengal capital, he talked about these are the “four reasons to love Kolkata”.

If you are not from Kolkata, do not worry as I am taking you through all the tempting treats that are surely a must-try. Harsha Goenka shared pictures of everyone’s favourite Phuchka, chatpata Jhal Muri, mouth-watering Ghugni, and spicy Churmur.

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  • Phuchka is a bite of deliciousness. A bite of crispy fried puffed puris stuffed with chatpata potato filling and dipped in tangy water is a burst of flavours.
  • Jhal Muri is a savoury snack made with puffed rice and some Indian spices and mixed well with some oil.
  • Ghugni is the perfect partner we are all looking for. From pau ruti (bread) to luchi to porota (paratha), this delicious chickpea curry goes well with everything.
  • Churmur is such a beautiful snack that we can never get tired of eating. Made with a spicy mixture of boiled potatoes, spices, and crushed phuchka, churmur is indeed a must-try.

Harsh Goenka has some recommendations as well. Kolkata has so many popular places that serve amazing street food. If you are wondering about his favourite place in the city, he shared that as well.

In reply to one tweet, he shared that he likes Russel Street the most.

Netizens Are Also In Love With These Treats!

After Harsh Goenka tweeted about Kolkata’s street food, all the foodies assembled to share their love for these food items as well. Tweeple commented how they are going to enjoy some now. Some even shared more of their loved yummy treats and some classic favourites found in the city.

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There is always ongoing competition among the residents of several cities and states arguing over the best street food. Well, which Indian city do you think serves the best street food in the country?

Cover Image Courtesy: Twitter/ Harsh Goenka (@hvgoenka)