France Makes Abortion A Constitutional Right; Becomes The First Country Globally To Do So

France just wrote history on Monday by making abortion a constitutional right.

by Shreya Ghosh
France Makes Abortion A Constitutional Right; Becomes The First Country Globally To Do So

On March 4, France created history! This nation is the world’s first and the only country now that enshrined the right to abortion in the constitution. It included the right to abortion in its constitution and made it a constitutional right. Without any doubt, it is a historic and one-of-a-kind decision. From anti-abortion groups, this move is receiving harsh criticism.

France Just Wrote History On Monday!

Taking to the X (formerly Twitter) platform, Mathilde Panot (@MathildePanot) shared this update about the country to include abortion in the Constitution.

The move was supported by MPs and Senators in massive numbers. According to a report by Hindustan Times, Senators and MPs were in support of the decision and the vote passed by 780 votes against 72. It was a special historic joint vote of two houses of the parliament. The massive backing from many Parliamentarians and the major difference of 780 and 72 votes led to a standing ovation in the parliament.

All these took place in the Parliament in Versailles. With the decision for the significant move being announced, the activists of abortion rights stood in central Paris and celebrated the right to abortion becoming a constitutional right. The Eiffel Tower sparkled as people in Paris gathered to celebrate the abortion vote. The landmark lit up with the message “MyBodyMyChoice”.

Prime Minister Gabriel Attal stated how they are sending a message to every woman that their body belongs to them and no one else can make decisions for it.

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Here’s More About This Country & Its Move

Vagina Museum (@vagina_museum) posted on X about this development in France.

Since 1975, women have the right to abortion legally in France. Polls reflect that 85 per cent of people were in support of revising the constitution to save the right to end pregnancy, according to a report by BBC.

The move continues to receive both applause and strong criticism from people. From groups praising the major change to other groups finding fault with it, people are not on the same page about making abortion a constitutional right in France.

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