Francis Scott Key Bridge In USA’s Baltimore Collapses Following Ship Collision; Vehicles Fall Into Water

Francis Scott Key Bridge in Baltimore was rammed by a container ship.

by Shreya Ghosh
Francis Scott Key Bridge In USA’s Baltimore Collapses Following Ship Collision; Vehicles Fall Into Water

Baltimore is home to the iconic Francis Scott Key Bridge. This is a significant development in Maryland for transportation and more. In a recent shocking incident, this bridge partially collapsed on March 26 after a scary collision with a container ship. The accident was a major one with many people facing severe injuries and the risk of casualties as well. Read on to know all about the horrifying accident reported in the USA city.

Part Of The Key Bridge In Baltimore Collapsed On Tuesday

Taking to X, KISHORE HARIDAS MELETH (@HaridasKishore) shared a video of the collapsing incident.

We are shocked to see hundreds of pictures and videos of the devastating collapse of the bridge. The viral videos clearly show how a container ship hit the bridge which led to a part of the bridge collapsing and crushing horribly into the river flowing under. It was a Singapore-flagged ship known as Dali that rammed it. The container ship was travelling to Sri Lanka’s Colombo Port, as per the information shared on the Marine Traffic website.

According to several reports circulating online, the ship rammed a pillar and was later followed by this life-threatening accident. Even before the broken and damaged parts of the Key Bridge in Baltimore could fall on the Patapsco River, everything caught fire quickly. It was quite early when the accident was reported on Tuesday. Many vehicles and people were commuting on the bridge and unfortunately, many of them plunged into the river water.

Jim Meadows (@jcmeadows) shared an alternate angle of the explosion.

A local fire chief stated that about 20 people have fallen into the river, according to a report by The Independent. The slamming of the ship turned out to be a destructive explosion. Baltimore Fire Department’s director of communications, Kevin Cartwright, revealed about receiving many 911 calls at about 1:30 AM mentioning the collapse of the Key Bridge.

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Have People Been Rescued?

OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) shared videos of the Key Bridge incident.

While talking about the collapse, Kevin Cartwright called it a “developing mass casualty incident”. Rescuers are now busy rescuing all the trapped people. Apart from vehicles sinking in the river, there are a few cargo that are hanging from the Key Bridge. The situation is scarily unsafe and worrisome for everyone. After 5 hours of the explosion in Maryland, only 2 have been rescued and rushed to the hospital.

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We are praying for everyone’s recovery!

Cover Image Courtesy: X/ OSINTdefender (@sentdefender) 

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