Several Expo 2020 Dubai Pavilions Are Offering 50% Discounts On Gifts And Souvenirs

by Shrestha Purkayastha

Are you looking to pick up a few remembrancers from Expo 2020 Dubai on a budget? Well, what if we tell you, you stand a chance to get some of them at amazing discounts? Expo 2020 Dubai is pulling its curtains and several pavilions are now offering 50% discounts on gifts and souvenirs before the closing ceremony. Everything is currently on sale at the Papua New Guinea Pavilion and the Bahamas pavilion, Tajikistan, and Mozambique pavilions.

Just a little bit of carrying yourself from one corner to another and that’s all that’ll cost you. Yes, the event is a true treasure trove of random trinkets that are available free of charge to visitors.

1. A Hardback Book

At the Seychelles pavilion, you can get a free gift of a hardback book about a type of coconut that is homegrown in the country. Especially if you’re a hardcore lover of learning new things, then this free keepsake is for you.

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2. Free Ice-cream & Coffee

Now, for people who adore ice cream and can never have enough of coffee, having it all for free would feel so heavenly, isn’t so? In that case, the next stop is the Kuwait pavilion where you could get free ice cream and coffee.

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3. Free VR Headsets

Well then, in Botswana, in terms of free swag, it just does not get much better than receiving VR headsets for free. Additionally, you get free brochures about Botswana to guide you accordingly.

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4. Free Postcard & A Book

Next, you can continue heading to Mongolia, where you get a free postcard and a book. No, wait! You better know what the book has for you. It has suggestions and proposals on how to invest in the country. Isn’t that something you would blindly go for?

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5. Free Coasters

Definitely not the least, the Dominican Republic has free coasters to give away. And furthermore, make your way towards Antigua and Barbuda to get a free luggage tag.

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Don’t you want more freebie goodies to slip into your backpack already?