72-Year Old Frenchman Crosses Atlantic Ocean In A Barrel

by Angel Srivastava
72-Year Old Frenchman Crosses Atlantic Ocean In A Barrel

72-year-old Jean-Jaques Savin, a former military parachutist and pilot crossed the Atlantic Ocean in a custom made barrel.

Image Credits: CNN

Savin completed his journey in 128 days. Inspired by Alan Bombard who traveled across the Atlantic Ocean in 1952, living off only plankton, saltwater, and raw fish in a life boat, Savin completed his voyage in an orange barrel that was 3 m long and 2.1 m across.

Image Credits: CTV News

The barrel was made from resin coated plywood, heavily reinforced to resist waves and potential orca whale attacks. Sevin began his journey a day after Christmas last year, on December 26th and finished it this year somewhere around 20th April.

Image Credits: USA Today

The capsule weighed 450 kgs when empty  and had a living space of 6 square meters which included the kitchen, sleeping bunk, and storage.

Image Credits: The Weather Network

Towards the end of his journey he used to update everything on facebook, and even wrote about his experience to a French Newspaper.