From Age To Valid ID, These Are The New Conditions For Domestic Pilgrims To Perform Hajj

Saudi Arabia sets conditions for local Hajj Participation.

by Deeplata Garde
From Age To Valid ID, These Are The New Conditions For Domestic Pilgrims To Perform Hajj

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah in Saudi Arabia has unveiled specific conditions for local pilgrims aiming to partake in the Hajj pilgrimage, underscoring the importance of adhering to COVID-19 precautionary measures. These guidelines are part of the kingdom’s comprehensive efforts to ensure the well-being and safety of local and international pilgrims visiting Hajj.

Eligibility Criteria And Health Requirements For Local Haj Pilgrims

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To be eligible for participation, applicants must be Saudi citizens or residents possessing valid national IDs or residence permits by the month of Dhu Al Hijjah. The age requirement is set at a minimum of 15 years (Hijri date), with applicants required to demonstrate their capability to perform Hajj independently or with the assistance of an escort. Notably, first-time pilgrims are prioritized for this opportunity, except for women intending to perform Hajj with a mahram.

Health protocols mandate that all applicants must have received vaccinations against meningitis and seasonal flu. The locals should also carry a valid health certificate. Furthermore, individuals must be free from any acute chronic or infectious diseases, substantiated by a medical certificate attesting to their health status.

Accommodation And Package Details

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The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has announced the commencement of the registration process for local pilgrims. Finally, it is offering four distinct packages tailored to domestic pilgrims for the 2024 Hajj season. These packages cater to various preferences and budgets, with prices ranging from SR4,099 to SR13,265, inclusive of value-added tax (VAT).

Accommodation options include premium camps, hospitality camp lodging in Mina, and tower residences near the Jamarat Bridge. Transportation costs to and from Mecca are included in some packages. It also has additional transportation within the Holy Sites provided via the Mashair train or buses. But this depends on the package selected.

Facilitating Hajj Participation Among Saudi Citizens & Residents

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In conclusion, the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah’s guidelines and package offerings aim to facilitate the participation of local pilgrims. Also, it prioritises their safety and well-being. It sets clear eligibility criteria and health requirements. Overall Saudi Arabia seeks to ensure a smooth and meaningful Hajj experience for all domestic pilgrims.

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