From Boutique To Wildlife, India’s Postcard Resorts Wins In 7 Categories At The World Travel Awards 2023

The Postcard
by Mallika Khurana

In the world of luxury travel, there are few experiences that truly stand out. However, India’s Postcard Resorts has managed to carve a niche for itself as an oasis of elegance and tranquility. Nestled in breathtaking locations across India and beyond, Postcard Resorts offer an intimate and luxurious escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Postcard Resorts’ unwavering commitment to providing a haven of simplicity has been recognised with prestigious awards at the 2023 World Travel Awards.

Prestigious Awards For The Postcard Resorts In 2023

1. Asia’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2023: The Postcard on the Arabian Sea, Maravanthe Beach, India

In a world where hidden gems are scarce, The Postcard on the Arabian Sea at Maravanthe Beach stands as a beacon of undiscovered beauty. With sweeping views of the ocean, patios, and seating areas, it’s a haven for those seeking uninterrupted privacy and breathtaking sunsets.

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2. Asia’s Leading Boutique Hotel Brand 2023: Postcard Hotels & Resorts

Postcard Hotels & Resorts is a collection of intimate luxury hotels nestled in idyllic holiday destinations across India and the world. These properties evoke an era of unhurried vacations, where days are spent in leisure against charming backdrops. The Postcard Hotel seamlessly blends luxury with simplicity, inviting you to retreat into a life filled with rich discoveries and relaxation.

3. Asia’s Leading Wildlife Resort 2023: The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, India


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The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary, spanning sixteen acres of mango orchards, offers a unique contrast between raw wilderness and modern luxury. It’s the perfect place for contemplation and connection with nature.

4. India’s Leading Beach Resort 2023: The Postcard On The Arabian Sea, Maravanthe Beach

The Postcard on the Arabian Sea at Maravanthe Beach redefines the concept of undiscovered beauty. The design is characterised by its restraint, ensuring that every room faces the ocean. They even have inviting patios to savour the sea breeze and palm leaf whispers.

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5. India’s Leading Boutique Hotel 2023: The Postcard Hideaway, Netravali

Nestled in the hidden corners of Goa, The Postcard Hideaway Netravali invites you to embrace twenty acres of lush greenery. Immerse yourself in nature and perhaps even spot a black panther or two while enjoying tastefully appointed rooms with private patios.

6. India’s Leading Design Hotel 2023: The Postcard Mandalay Hall

The Postcard Mandalay Hall seamlessly blends history and contemporary luxury in Mattancherry. With clean lines, voluminous beds, and carefully chosen furniture, this property promises a unique and luxurious experience.

7. India’s Leading Wildlife Resort 2023: The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary


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Sixteen acres of lush mango orchards amid the raw and untamed Gir Forest make The Postcard Gir Wildlife Sanctuary a captivating destination. The fragrance of the orchards adds an unforgettable touch to your stay. They will ensure that you settle in nicely at this modernist refuge in an ageless environment.

If you seek a retreat that combines elegance with simplicity and indulgence with tranquility, Postcard Resorts should be at the top of your travel list.

Cover Image Courtesy: The Postcard Hideaway/Instagram