From Chaunsa To Langda, What’s The History Behind Popular Mango Varieties? Creator Shares Facts!

Read on to know the fascinating history behind the names of different mango types.

by Shreya Ghosh
From Chaunsa To Langda, What’s The History Behind Popular Mango Varieties? Creator Shares Facts!

It is almost the end of June and we wish and pray that the summer season ends soon too. This year, most places globally faced the worst consequences of sweltering heat, intolerable temperatures, and harsh heat waves. Summer months are indeed a difficult time to bear but the juiciest and sweetest mangoes make it a bit bearable. From Alphonso to Chaunsa, many types of this fruit are easily available at this time of the year. Do you know the reasons behind the names of mango varieties?

Why Are Chaunsa, Langra & Sindhri Called By These Names?

Rafia Mazhar (@rafmazcooks) shared an insightful Instagram reel describing the history behind mango types and their names.


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Raise your hands if you love this fruit! Well, mango lovers do not only just relish the fruit in its whole form but also enjoy desserts and dishes prepared with it. From savoury to sweet, mango varieties and their unique aroma blend perfectly with ingredients to prepare the yummiest delicacies. Different kinds of this fruit are used in making different recipes for their texture, taste, and sweetness.


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One of the most loved mango types is Chaunsa and there is an interesting story behind this name. It is believed that Indian ruler Sher Shah Suri popularised it during the Battle of Chaunsa. He defeated Mughal Emperor Humayun in Chausa, Bihar. Later, to celebrate and honour his win, he named his favourite mango variety Chaunsa.

Anwer Ratol:

A fascinating fact about this mango variety is that it was first planted in Uttar Pradesh’s Ratol. Among all types, Anwer Ratol is younger than many, about a century old. The history behind this mango variety being called Anwar Ratol is about a mango grafter who migrated to Pakistan and planted a tree calling it Anwar-Ul-Haq. The inspiration behind this was his father’s name. And that’s how it got its name.

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History Behind Names Of More Mango Varieties

History Behind Mango Varieties
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These bright yellow-coloured juicy mangoes were brought from Bombay. Muhammad Khan Junejo’s father brought it and planted it in Pakistan’s Sindhri, according to a report by Wikimedia Commons.


Mango lovers love savouring sweet Langra mangoes. Naming this variety and the history associated with it dates long back, about 3 centuries ago. It is believed that a fakir cultivated a seed of this mango type in his backyard. He had difficulties in his legs and hence was called Langra by many. Soon, the mangoes of his tree began to get famous at markets and that’s how it got its name.


Abdul Hameed Khan Kandhari planted a tree in Dasheri village long back. The Nawab of Lucknow owned this village. This variety got its name after becoming famous among mango lovers.

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We have been devouring all kinds of mangoes all our lives but only some of us are aware of the captivating history behind the names of these varieties. Do you know facts about other types? If yes, let us know!

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