From ‘Cleanest’ To ‘Water Plus’ City, 7 Times Indore Has Set An Example For The Rest Of India

by Tania Tarafdar
by Tania Tarafdar1144

Indore offers the best street food in the country but there are many more reasons to love Indore than just its feed. Indore has bagged many titles and emerged as one of the most developed and sustainable cities in the country over the years. Here’s how Indore is leaving other Indian cities behind to emerge as the best. Read on!

1. Indore Has Consistently Emerged As The Cleanest City Of India

Indore has also consistently emerged as the cleanest city in the country. It has removed large public dustbins and collects garbage from house to house. The roads of Indore get cleaned at night instead of morning. So when people venture out into the streets in the morning they can witness a clean and tidy city. Children also take part in cleanliness drives to create awareness. They act as ambassadors of cleanliness in Indore. Interestingly, Indore ranked at 149th position in 2015 for cleanliness. But in just two years, the city worked hard to maintain cleanliness and emerged as the cleanest city in India.

2. Indore Is The Smartest City In The Country

Indore is also the smartest city in the country and shares its top position with Surat for best performance among the 100 smartest cities. Union Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs awarded states, cities, and Union Territories based on performance under the Smart Cities Mission’s India Smart Cities Awards Contest (ISAC) 2020.

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3. Indore Has Asia’s Longest High-Speed Track

India got the longest high-speed track in Madhya Pradesh’s Indore measuring 11.3Km. It is the fifth-longest high-speed track in Asia and the fifth-largest in the world. The high-speed track in Pithampur town will be used for automotive as well as component testing by automobile companies. This facility will measure the maximum speed capabilities of high-end cars and other vehicles. Manufacturers can also use the four-lane track to carry out development and homologation tests for all kinds of vehicles.

4. Indore Is The First Water Plus City In India

Under the Swachh Survekshan 2021, it is also the first water plus city in India. The award has been given to Indore for maintaining cleanliness in rivers and drains. According to the criteria, dirty water should not run into the river or the drain and 30% of sewer water has to be recycled and reused. The administration should also connect the public toilets to sewer lines and clean them thoroughly.

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5. Indore Introduced The Concept Of Dustbin On Wheels

Residents of Indore treat the streets of the city as their own homes. Not too long back, people of Indore started carrying small dustbins in their vehicles instead of disposing of their trash on the streets. So, do not be surprised if you see paan or gutka chewers in Indore traveling about with similar bins.

6. Indore Got India’s First Traffic Control Robot

Indore was the first city to install a 14-foot tall robot with integrated cameras and a wifi connection to control traffic. that allows it to use its Red Light Violation Detection (RLVD) system and interact with the police control centre in the case of traffic violations, as well as generate e-challans.

7. Indore Has The Best Training School For Disabled Children

Indore has the best school and training camp for audio and speech impairment and is effectively serving differently-abled children. Shridha School in Indore is one such place, built with an aim to serve children with learning disabilities or difficulties.

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Did you know that the Dawa Bazaar of Indore is the biggest wholesale medicine market in Central India? Well, Indore has surely surpassed the rest of the country in many ways.

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