From ‘Corporate Slavery Antidote’ To ‘No Coffee, No Workee’, Home-Run Mumbai Brand Has Iced Coffees With A Side Of Corporate Humour!

Perfect for a mid-workday pick-me-up!

by Mallika Khurana
From ‘Corporate Slavery Antidote’ To ‘No Coffee, No Workee’, Home-Run Mumbai Brand Has Iced Coffees With A Side Of Corporate Humour!

If you’ve ever slogged through a Monday morning meeting wishing your coffee cup contained something stronger, or fantasised about escaping the daily grind for a vacation in Vietnam, we have some exciting news. Welcome to Liquid – Coffee But Sassy, a new home kitchen in Matunga, Mumbai, that’s turning the corporate coffee break into a delightful, caffeine-fueled escape. This home kitchen adds a dash of corporate humour to your caffeine fix.

The Labels, A Slice Of Corporate Life With A Twist

In the hustle and bustle of corporate life, coffee isn’t just a beverage; it’s a lifeline. It’s the fuel that powers through tedious meetings, the comfort during those stressful deadlines, and the little pick-me-up that makes everything seem possible. But what if your coffee could do more than just keep you awake? What if it could also bring a smile to your face and lighten up your workday? Enter Liquid – Coffee But Sassy, where each pint-sized bottle of iced coffee comes with a witty, relatable label that’s sure to tickle your funny bone and brighten your day.

Each bottle from Liquid – Coffee But Sassy sports a label that’s as delightful as the coffee inside. Here are a few that have quickly become crowd favourites:

  • “Corporate Slavery Antidote”—because sometimes, all you need is a strong coffee to break free from the chains of endless tasks.
  • “Emotional Support Iced Beverage”—for those moments when you need a friend in a cup.
  • “This Meeting Should Have Been an Email”—a perfect companion for those unnecessary meetings.
  • “Wish This Was Tequila”—for the days when coffee just isn’t strong enough.
  • “Shit, This Feels Like”Monday”—because we’ve all been there, every day that isn’t Saturday.
  • “No Coffee, No Workee”—the undeniable truth of corporate life.
  • “Mentally OOO (Out of office)”—when your body is at work but your mind is on a beach somewhere.

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The Irresistible Menu At Liquid

Liquid – Coffee But Sassy’s menu is as diverse as it is delectable, offering a range of iced coffees and frappes that cater to every taste. From their Vietnamese Iced Coffee and Mocha Frappe to Irish Cream Frappe and French Vanilla Iced Latte, every sip will be just as yummy as the remarks the bottles bear.

Liquid – Coffee But Sassy is more than just a home kitchen; it’s a sanctuary for the overworked and the coffee-deprived. Each sip not only energises you but also brings a chuckle, thanks to the cleverly crafted labels that perfectly capture the trials and tribulations of corporate life. Whether you’re grinding through a tough project or simply need a moment of joy in your day, Liquid – Coffee But Sassy promises to deliver. So why wait? Place your order today and experience the bliss that comes with every bottle of this sassy, satisfying iced coffee!

Where: Matunga West, Mumbai
Cost: ₹100 for one order (approx.)

Cover Image Courtesy: Liquid – Coffee but Sassy/Instagram