From Delhi To Bangalore, Singles Found The Most Crushes At These Places. According To This Dating App

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Delhi To Bangalore, Singles Found The Most Crushes At These Places. According To This Dating App

In the digital age, love knows no boundaries, and dating apps have become the modern Cupid. As people seek love and companionship, they are turning to dating apps not only to find matches but also to explore new and exciting travel destinations. According to Happn, a dating application saw 39 million hearts unite across India. It’s evident with over 536 million likes, that sparks flew, stars aligned, and crushes sprouted in unexpected places for singles. So which are these places?

Cities Where Singles Discovered The Most Crushes


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Love, it seems, is not only in the air but also in the algorithms that connect hearts across cities. According to Happn, Delhi, Bengaluru, and Mumbai led the way as the top places for singles to find the most crushes. Among the myriad of cities, Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore stand out as vibrant hubs where the heartbeat of the nation meets the pulsating rhythm of newfound crushes.

Given these cities that never sleep, they top the list as a breeding ground for crushes. With their diverse population and a multitude of social scenes, people encounter a constant stream of intriguing individuals. From the trendy coffee shops to the glamorous rooftop bars, the city’s energy sparks connections that often blossom into crush-worthy infatuations. The fast-paced lifestyle and vibrant culture make these cities a playground for people seeking that elusive, heart-fluttering connection.

The romantic ambience, iconic landmarks, and charming streets create a backdrop where love seems to be around every corner. Outdoor adventures, cultural discoveries, pub hopping, and delectable dining experiences were all part of the dates. According to the dating site, the favourite dating spots ranged from the iconic Hauz Khas Social in Delhi to the serene Juhu Beach in Mumbai. Each city weaves a unique narrative of dating, crushes, and connections.

In Bangalore, the concept of pub hopping has taken on a new meaning as singles explore the city’s microbreweries and trendy bars in search of crush-worthy connections. The serene lakes and lush parks provide a tranquil setting for romantic interludes, making Bangalore a city where the collision of technology and emotions often results in delightful crushes.

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Travel & Finding Love

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As people traverse the globe in search of new horizons and enriching experiences, the prospect of finding love on the road adds a layer of excitement to their journeys. As the dynamics of dating evolve in the digital age, travelling and discovering new cities have become hotspots for people seeking connection, intimacy, and the thrill of discovering someone who makes their hearts skip a beat. Against the backdrop of historic landmarks, exotic landscapes, and bustling cityscapes, love stories unfold as travellers transition from being more than just strangers.

Dating apps have emerged as powerful tools that facilitate connections between travellers and locals alike. The ability to swipe right in one city and meet for a coffee in another has transformed the landscape of travel romance. Moreover, by registering the newest profiles and making the most exciting initial connections, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, and Chennai were the most vibrant hubs in the country for singles, according to Happn.

So, have you found romance while travelling in a different city?

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