From Electrifying Music To Folk Arts, Here’s What’s In Store For Magnetic Fields 2023

by Tejashee Kashyap
From Electrifying Music To Folk Arts, Here’s What’s In Store For Magnetic Fields 2023

Rajasthan is a treasure trove of cultural heritage, architectural marvels, and diverse landscapes. Among its many cultural festivals and events, one stands out like a shining gem – the Magnetic Fields Festival. The festival emerges as a celebration of the contemporary spirit that coexists harmoniously with Rajasthan’s historical grandeur. Here’s what to look forward to in this year’s edition:

What’s In Store For Magnetic Fields?

Recognised worldwide for its fusion of traditional and modern art forms, Magnetic Fields has swiftly come to symbolise an India that is both forward-thinking and accepting of its past. The festival’s ninth iteration will take place from December 9–11.

The Canadian DJ and pioneer Deadbeat, who is based in Berlin and has been releasing his brand of minimal electronics since 2000, is a late but impressive addition. At the BUDx North Stage programme, his peculiar, not-quite-dance-floor techno or rumbling digital dub will surprise and excite audiences.

Everyone’s favourite sunset venue, Corona Sundowner, is back with a brand-new live performance called “Etymon” by Delhi-based producer Vridian and a catchy set by composer Alboe from the capital. Other noteworthy shows were the debut sets of upcoming producers Sanoli Chowdhury and Angus 12, as well as Bangalore-based DJ and producer Unnayanaa’s new live set, “Osmosis.” Kareem Ali, an American producer and trumpet player, will also perform live.

Moreover, they have a creative barter application that is a key component of the Magnetic Fields experience, where participants submit ideas for using technology, art, or design to interact with other participants.

Over the years, the crew has been making every effort to respect Alsisar’s land and people to make Magnetic Fields a more sustainable festival. Throughout the weekend, the festival promotes mindful consumerism and gives attendees ideas about how they may contribute.

The festival has previously worked with a third-party environmental impact auditor, Pranoy Thipaiah, to assess the impact of pollution (including noise) on soil fragility, water usage, electricity usage, and carbon footprint. The festival continues to work with waste management experts, SKRAP, to optimise waste segregation and recycling.

It is also encouraging the use of biodegradable dishes and silverware, avoiding single-use plastic on site (except water bottles), and concentrating on reducing flex or single-use printing overall. Free water refill stations are also being provided to participants. It is also encouraged for attendees to bring their reusable cups for drinks and coffee during the festival.

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It’s A Musical Extravaganza

At its core, the Magnetic Fields Festival is a music festival that brings together a diverse array of artists from around the world. The lineup transcends genres, featuring electronic, indie, folk, and traditional music acts. From the beats of electronic music under the starlit sky to the soulful melodies resonating within the palace walls, the Magnetic Fields Festival offers a sonic journey that captivates and unites music enthusiasts.

What sets the Magnetic Fields Festival apart is its emphasis on fostering a sense of community and connection. Additionally, the festival engages with local communities through various outreach programs, contributing to the social and economic development of the region.

Where: Magnetic Fields, Alsisar Mahal
When: Fri, 15 Dec – Mon, 18 Dec

Cover image credits: Website/ Alsisar Mahal

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