From Gaming Chair To Smartwatch, Bengaluru Auto Drivers Are Putting TechBros To Shame

by Sanjana Shenoy
From Gaming Chair To Smartwatch, Bengaluru Auto Drivers Are Putting TechBros To Shame

#PeakBengaluru is a vibe! Ask Bengalureans about the sheer amusement, joy and even entertainment they get when they encounter auto drivers in the city who have so much swag that they put even Techbros to shame. In fact it offers quite a respite in the godforsaken traffic in the city when you’d have a chat with the auto driver, only to know that they have the best stories and experiences that the Silicon Valley of India as to offer. So read on to know some of the best instances where Bengaluru auto drivers even put tech bros to shame.

5 Times Bengaluru Auto Drivers Put TechBros To Shame #PeakBengaluru Moments!

1. Gaming Chair

Recently, a photo on X (formerly Twitter) going viral shows a Bengaluru auto driver seated comfortably on a gaming chair. The man looks less auto-driver and more tech-savvy auto driver in his ergonomically designed office chair, best for long hours of computer gaming. So, does he have a console to ride his vehicle? Is he a gaming expert who whizzes past traffic like he crosses levels?

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2. Smartwatch

In yet another hilariously amusing incident, an auto driver showed his smartwatch with a QR code for the passenger to scan and make the payment for the ride. While most auto drivers show the QR codes on their phone, one auto driver had a #PeakBengaluru moment and the Internet was all in for it.

3. Accepting Rides On Different Apps At Same Time

It’s never great to put all your eggs in one basket. One ambitious Bengaluru auto driver actually ended up accepting rides on different apps at the same time. Netizens ended up wondering if this is time travel. The driver in total swag ended up accepting two different rides, on two different phones, in two different locations. Now that’s crazy to say the least.

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4. “Login Kabka Hai?”

When a passenger was getting late to work as the Bengaluru auto driver stopped to fill CNG and then got stuck in traffic, the driver had the most hilarious question. He nonchalantly asked the techie “Login kabka hai?”. Isn’t this so relatable for every office-goer out there?

5. Returning AirPods

A woman forgot her AirPods in an auto on her way to work in the city. The tech-savvy Bengaluru auto driver in just 30 minutes ended up returning it to her at her workplace. Like a Sherlock Holmes sleuth, he connected the AirPods to find out the owner’s name and then tracked her PhonePe transactions to locate her. This story puts even techbros to shame.

Meanwhile, which of these Bengaluru auto drivers’ stories do you find admirable?

Cover Image Courtesy: @anuj63 and @_waabi_saabi_ / X