From Gourmet To Street Food, Qatar International Food Festival Serves It All

Food Festival
by Deeplata Garde 256

Food festivals are our favourite go-to places. After a successful football affair, Qatar will soon be home to a mega food festival. The Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a Qatar Tourism effort that highlights the wide variety of food, drink, and hospitality options available in the nation. The event is giving you a full month to pack your bags and fly to Qatar to be a part of the amazing international food festival.

Qatar International Food Festival Returns In March

Food Festival

Pic Creds: Visit Qatar

The Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) is a showcase of the best cuisines from around the world, with everything from haute cuisine amuses to spicy street food snacks. Beautiful outdoor settings provide the backdrop for a delicious encounter that is uniquely Qatari.

Be it gourmet or street food, you will get a taste of both worlds here. The Qatar International Food Festival (QIFF) honours the world’s best cuisines with everything from haute cuisine amuses to spicy street food snacks. The atmosphere is prepared for a mouthwatering Qatari experience with magnificent outdoor locations.

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Local Kitchen Gems Will Have An Impressive Show At QIFF

Food Festival

Pic Creds: Visit Qatar

Imagine tasting some of the best foods on earth while being tempted by the aromas of local shisha and oudh. Consider it done! From local shawarma to Mexican tacos and Liberian rice bread you will find it all. Visitors can take part in the workshops and live cooking demonstrations. Kitchen innovators can also pick up a few tips and tricks.

There is a hidden gem in every neighbourhood’s kitchen for people who prefer Qatari delicacies. Even if you may have had a bowl of machboos at home, the regional blend of spices, ingredients, and culinary skill creates a unique experience. Your Qahwa coffee is made from grounded green coffee beans & the very special Karak tea is irresistible. The pistachio flakes on the ‘Luqaimat’ doughnut give a distinct flavour.

For its 13th edition, we are yet to get confirmation on the venue and timings. We’ll be back soon with more details about the Qatar International Food Festival.

Cover Image Courtesy: Visit Qatar