From Headphones To Hand Cream, Top Items Global Travellers Can’t Travel Without

by Shreya Ghosh
From Headphones To Hand Cream, Top Items Global Travellers Can’t Travel Without

Packing all the things and items for a trip can make or break our travel experiences. We need the things we love and need while exploring new destinations and locations. Be it our favourite handbag or a good book to read en route, we always make sure to pack these things (even sometimes unnecessary items) while visiting a new place. A report reveals some interesting facts about globetrotters from different countries.

Travel Enthusiasts Simply Cannot Travel Without These Must-Have Items In Their Bags

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SiteMinder’s Changing Traveller Report revealed some fascinating details and information about travellers from different corners and continents of the world and their preferences while planning a trip and exploring the destinations. 10,000 people from 12 countries participated in this global survey which led to finding some amazing information.

The research by the renowned global website shared how most travel enthusiasts cannot travel without their headphones. In the list of the top 10 items that are a must for travel enthusiasts, a pair of headphones leads the chart. 25 per cent of the participants need a headphone while travelling. This item tops the chart of Indians with 39 per cent, China with 30 per cent, Aussies with 20 per cent, and the US with 19 per cent.

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Next on the list is a good book and it entered the chart with 19 per cent. For people travelling from the United Kingdom, they need a good book on their travel journey.

Different Creams Are A Must Too!

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French people need their hand and face cream while they are travelling, according to a report by The report revealed that hand and face cream made the list with 14 per cent.

According to the survey and its result, it looks like headphones, books, face and hand creams are the most in-demand items to carry while travelling to places.

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The survey also shared travel plans of different globetrotters. 91 per cent of them shared they have plans to travel the same way as they travelled in the last year. 57 per cent want to explore more.

What is that one travel item that is a must for you?

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