From IndiGo To Vistara, Passengers Complain About Inconveniences Caused By Airlines In A Survey

Thousands of flyers participated in a survey to complain about issues caused by airlines.

by Shreya Ghosh
From IndiGo To Vistara, Passengers Complain About Inconveniences Caused By Airlines In A Survey

People these days prefer to choose the comfort of flights rather than travelling for long hours on trains. In the past some time, the world has witnessed a major rise in passenger footfall, including both peak seasons and usual times. Amid the uptick in demand, more and more flyers are facing the inconveniences of flight delays, cancellations all of a sudden, problems with their bags, and so on caused by airlines. Many passengers recently shared their experiences of travelling with different airlines and here’s what they have to say.

Inconveniences Caused By Airlines Led To Flak & Criticism

Inconveniences Caused By Airlines
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A LocalCircles survey shed light on the increasing numbers of flyers coming across several issues in the process of reaching the airport and boarding the flights. We have seen endless videos and pictures of hundreds of flyers waiting in airports for hours as their journeys got delayed for different reasons in the past couple of months. From IndiGo to Air India, SpiceJet, Akasa Air, and Vistara, the well-known airlines failed to provide the best experiences to their customers. Thousands of passengers complained about these inconveniences caused by airlines in the survey.

From bustling airports to the ones with lesser passenger footfall, most places have seen such terrible incidents recently. Apart from poor weather, there have been tons of problems for the airlines that led to such instances for the airlines.

69 per cent of passengers stated how Air India and Vistara could not succeed on their timeliness test, according to a report by Business Today. 55 per cent mentioned planes’ maintenance problems. People are really frustrated after coming across such incidents quite often recently. The LocalCircles survey shared that about 38 per cent pointed out how the staff members were not proper. Another 38 per cent of travellers stated about issues of airlines managing their luggage. Among all the issues, one of the most commonly faced problems was cancellations and delays of scheduled flights. 38 per cent of passengers complained about not getting enough transparency related to such scenarios.

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Akasa Air, IndiGo & SpiceJet Passengers Had Complaints As Well

Inconveniences Caused By Airlines
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46 per cent of IndiGo passengers indicated issues regarding the staff’s behaviour. Many pointed out issues of not following transparency and timeliness, not providing good quality food, and more. Many complained about SpiceJet’s inconveniences of timeliness, handling baggage, maintenance concerns, rude staff, food quality, and more. 59 per cent raised problems about not following timeliness.

Akasa Air received tons of complaints from people who participated in this survey. 75 per cent of them faced problems related to customer service.

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Have you faced similar experiences in the past?

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