From Museums To Palaces, You Can Now Visit These 38 National Heritage Sites In Portugal For Free!

Lisbon, the vibrant capital city, will be one of the highlights of this scheme.

by Nikitha Sebastian
From Museums To Palaces, You Can Now Visit These 38 National Heritage Sites In Portugal For Free!

Good news for culture vultures! Portugal is making a significant move to boost accessibility to its rich history and heritage. The country recently announced a scheme that will grant free entry to 38 national heritage sites, including museums, monuments, and palaces. This exciting initiative was revealed by Dalila Rodrigues, Portugal’s minister for culture, during a ceremony at the Grão Vasco National Museum in Viseu on May 18, which coincided with International Museum Day.

Free Entry Every Day For A Year’s Worth Of Visits

Here’s the exciting part: entry to these 38 sites will be free of cost every single day of the week! This generous scheme allows visitors to explore the cultural treasures managed by Museus e Monumentos de Portugal at their own pace. The minister announced that an application system will be implemented soon, allowing easy access through smartphones. This will streamline the entry process and make visits even more convenient.

Lisbon, the vibrant capital city, will be a particular focus of the scheme. The city boasts an impressive 16 national heritage sites that will be included in the free entry programme. History buffs and art enthusiasts can look forward to exploring iconic landmarks like the Jerónimos Monastery, the National Pantheon, and the Ajuda National Palace.

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A Stunning Location With Something For Everyone

This initiative extends beyond the capital, with sites spread across the country. The full list encompasses a diverse range of cultural experiences, from the National Tile Museum showcasing Portugal’s artistic heritage to the National Museum of Ethnology offering a glimpse into the country’s traditions. With 52 free entries allowed per person annually (roughly one visit per week), there’s ample opportunity to delve into Portugal’s fascinating past. This move by the Portuguese government is sure to attract more visitors eager to experience the country’s cultural riches firsthand.

But Portugal’s magic extends far beyond its cultural offerings. A gorgeous geographical position helps, and this little slice of magic between Spain and the Atlantic Ocean certainly makes the most of its location. Portugal offers a well-rounded travel experience. Bustling cities like Porto and Lisbon are a great starting point, but the country truly shines with its diverse landscapes – gorgeous beaches, majestic mountains, charming villages, and a rich history steeped in tradition.

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Spread between the continent and two idyllic archipelagos in the middle of the ocean, Portugal offers something for every traveller, all year round. The incredible food and delectable wine are another delight to look forward to.

Cover Image Courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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