From No Guests After 10 To ₹1000 Fine; Bangalore Society’s Rules For Bachelors Fumes Netizens

by Shreya Ghosh
From No Guests After 10 To ₹1000 Fine; Bangalore Society’s Rules For Bachelors Fumes Netizens

Every housing society has its own set of rules and regulations. These are introduced so that all the residents can leave in a place together in harmony. Most of the time, rules are made in a way that can be helpful to everyone living in the housing society. But there are some places that have very strange rules for their residents. These rules are weird and can be quite problematic for all the residents living there. A post on Reddit went viral that shows some bizarre rules of this society in Bangalore.

Some Of The Rules Of This Housing Society In Bangalore Are Simply Very Problematic For The Residents

A Reddit user named u/IsThisForReal- shared a picture of the weird guidelines of a housing society in Bangalore. Shared with the caption, “Bangalore not for Bachelors”, Netizens are getting enraged seeing this Reddit post. Take a look at the post here.

Bangalore not for Bachelors
by u/IsThisForReal- in bangalore


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The Bizarre Rules Are:

The Reddit user shared that this housing society is in Marathalli in Bangalore. As shared on the Reddit post, it can be seen that some of the rules here are quite unrealistic. This society does not allow Bachelors and Spinsters to have any guests after 10 PM. They cannot have any guests stay overnight without prior approval from the owner via email. They also need to request the Manager or Association office by submitting the guests’ ID proof and furnishing the stay duration and Guest entry on Mygate. If they somehow violate any of the rules, they need to pay a penalty of ₹1000 or simply get evicted from their houses.

In fact, residents of this housing society in Bangalore cannot use the balconies and corridors for talking on the phone after 10 PM. The user also added that the guards often ring the bells of bachelors’ flats to check and see if they have any guests staying with them.

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Netizens are so angry seeing such guidelines in this society. Residents are paying their own rent but still cannot afford to live a life of their own in their own homes. This is really concerning many Reddit users and they are even stating how ridiculous these rules are.

What do you think about these guidelines of this housing society in Bangalore?

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