From Plum Cakes To Rum Balls; 6 Best Places In Bangalore For Christmas Goodies

by Sanjana Shenoy
by Sanjana Shenoy 3532

What’s the thing you await the most about Christmas? Let me give you a hint. It’s two words. Didn’t get it? It’s Plum Cakes of course! The goodness of biting into a fruity, nutty soft plum cake with just the right notes of rum-infused, is totally a Hallelujah feeling! Apart from rich plum cakes, velvety rum balls, Kerala’s achappam rose cookies and Goa’s kulkuls are other Indian desserts that complete every Christmas. So, the golden question arises, where can you stock up on your Christmas goodies in Bangalore. Well, let’s help you make your Christmas merrier, here are 6 best places in the hood to get the best plum cakes, rum balls, gingerbread man and whatnot.

1. Thom’s Bakery & Supermarket, Frazer Town

From the outside, Thom’s will remind you of just another supermarket. But once you walk in the whiff of freshly baked goodies, and the queue towards the wine section on the left side will make you think otherwise. This is not an ordinary supermarket but an extraordinary space that combines supermarket with imported stuff, bakery and wine boutique all in one. Visit here to get the best rum-infused plum cakes, achappam rose cookies, ariselu and kulkuls. Housing a lovely variety of both Indian and goal Christmas goodies, you know you’re stocked up for the festive season.

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2. Happy Belly Bakes, Multiple Outlets

From the beautifully lit Christmas tree with gifts and soft toys lying nearby, Happy Belly Bakes is the perfect place to celebrate Christmas. Plan a leisure trip here with your family. And as you plan on purchasing your Christmas goodies, perch yourself on the comfy sofa and slurp on a piping hot mug of hot chocolate. Happy Belly Bakes offers rich plum cakes with rum frosting, rum balls, gingerbread men, freshly baked cookies and whatnot. It’s the ultimate paradise for your Christmas food shopping.

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3. Glen’s Bakehouse, Multiple Outlets

The cosy outdoor seating and warm indoor seating always makes Glen’s Bakehouse a welcoming experience. With glass shelves filled with baked goodies like cupcakes, croissants, pies and much more, it’s always an inviting feeling. So to add the zing to your Christmas celebrations, stock up on rum-filled plum cakes, gingerbread man and red velvet cookies from Glen’s Bakehouse. It’s a sweet, spicy and sugary experience indeed.

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4. Albert Bakery, Frazer Town

Frazer Town’s Albert Bakery is one of the oldest bakeries in Bangalore spanning 114 long glorious years. Popular for their crispy mutton kheema samosas and salt butter cookies, the bakery prepares delicious plum cakes during the winter season. While it’s a small cosy bakery, the warmth of the staff and their delicious baked goodies makes it all the more an enjoyable experience. It’s worth travelling all the way to Frazer Town for their plum cakes.

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5. Marzipan Cafe & Bakery, Multiple Outlets

If you’re planning where to indulge in delicious Christmas treats, there can’t be a better place than Marzipan Cafe and Bakery. The super cute gingerbread men and candy-shaped biscuits will instantly melt your heart. Over and above you can always get a loaf of their mouth-watering plum cakes, which are perfectly spiced and super soft. While you wait for your order, do try their creamy alfredo pasta and hot coffee.

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6. Lavonne, Multiple Outlets

One of the best bakeries in Bangalore, Lavonne offers a wide variety of cakes, cookies and bread that would instantly leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. This is one of the best places to buy a delicious box of rich, fruity plum cake with the right amount of rum for decadence. Loaded with fruits like cranberries and orange peels, nuts and spices, it’s traditional and Christmassy. It’s undoubtedly one of the best bakeries in Bangalore.

Picture Credits: Facebook/ Lavonne Cafe

Well, foodies, so these were the 6 best places in Bangalore to stock up on plum cakes, gingerbread man, Kerala rose cookies and much more. These delicacies are sweet, crispy, velvety and will just leave you asking for more.

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