Rum Cakes Are Delhi’s Way Of Joining Christmas Celebrations! Check Out These 6 Bakeries With Irresistible Christmas Cakes!

rum cake
by Vidisha Khaitan

Christmas cakes are insanely good but, sadly we only get them around Christmas. Maybe that’s why they’re so good because we’re starved and prepped for them all year. Delhi has the best bakeries with the customers’ best interest at heart. This is why they make the most amazing cakes this country sees. If you thought that means plum cakes and chocolates and dry fruits, you clearly don’t understand this city very well. We’re talking rum cakes. Here’s where you can satiate your chocolate, fruit, dry fruit and boozy cravings! Celebrate Christmas in full swing. Carol Singing, Decorations, Midnight Mass And More! That’s How Delhi’s Iconic Sacred Heart Cathedral Celebrates Christmas!

1. The Bake Lab

Vibrant berries were soaked in rum on September 1, 2019. Now it’s been three months and we have the most delicious, boozy, rich and fruity Christmas cake. This is the cake this city deserves. We can’t wait for you to try it and tell us if you agree. A plum rum cake has a place in every house. Sweet fruits, dense chocolate and naughty rum is just what we need this holiday season. This orders only home bakery in Vikaspuri has our hearts. Ever Had Rich Creamy Choctails? Head To Delhi NCR’s The Chocolate Room For A Chocolate Overdose!

Price: ₹600 ­- ₹1,100

rum cakes

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2. Angels In My Kitchen

This is one of Delhi’s favourite bakery chains. Thank God for an outlet wherever we go else we may not have survived the winter. Their delicacies are to die for, naturally, rum cakes are no exception. Every year they make irresistible Christmas cakes. Their chocolate rum cake is just one brilliant innovation added to the list.

Price: ₹1,250

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3. Shugaa

The dark rum cake here is mad with either Old Monk or Captain Morgan. The dark chocolate is sinful, capable of sending anyone to heaven (or hell). Make sure to pre order well in advance because they’re always fully booked out and need some time to craft their one of a kind designer cakes!

Price: ₹650 – ₹1200

Image Credit: food network (for rep)

4. Whipped

South Delhi’s favourite bakery is the go-to place for the best Christmas cakes for locals. In fact, people from all over the city are crazy for this little tiny nook. Everything that comes out of their kitchen is something unique. Rum cakes of course, are the best Christmas food here. They master a creamy chocolaty rich rum cake with a thick icing covering the whole body.

Price: ₹950

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rum cake

Image Credit: mannings bakery (for rep)

5. The Cake Company

Old Monk is the flavour of the month. This famous bakery in Gurgaon is serving starving Delhiites a creamy chocolaty rum cake the entire season. We went all the way to get a taste and we have no regrets. We would cross the seven seas for the perfect rum cake but, luckily, we don’t have to. We love this city!

Price: ₹885 – ₹1,593

Image Credit: taste (for rep)

6. Sugarama

Shahpurjat’s tiny lanes are home to a big name. Sugarama is a city favourite in every season. They’ve gone traditional with Christmas cakes and added a delicious flavour to the seasonal plum cake. It’s rum plum cakes for Sugarama and we are happy about their decision. No one does dry cakes like them and this sounds like the safest festive gift.

Price: ₹600

rum cake

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Rum cakes are a slice of Christmas at home. This little dessert perks up one’s day instantly, well, booze has a way of doing that. Head to these five bakeries for the best rum cakes in Delhi or just get them delivered!

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