Ever Had Rich Creamy Choctails? Head To Delhi NCR’s The Chocolate Room For A Chocolate Overdose!

by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 1429

Hot chocolate is definitely a winter love but, there are some of us who like our drinks cold all year round. Delhi NCR has a cure for every craving. What if you could have your favourite hot chocolate cold? Sounds crazy! Well, The Chocolate Room in Gurgaon has gone full on crazy in the attempt to make you happy and they succeeded. They’ve come up with Choctails for Delhi’s dreamers. This place is so worth it because they have every chocolate concoction you could ever imagine. They’ve made us fall in love with this city all over again. We are never going to a leave a town with so much chocolate! Sip On Chocolate Chai For ₹10 At Chai Sutta Bar In Nehru Place In Delhi

What is it

They make Italian hot chocolate every winter which is pretty well known in the city. Delhi runs to this this place when it’s time for the perfect cuppa. What people don’t know is that they serve a cold version of their favourite drink all year round. Choctails are made with the same base chocolate they use for their sinful hot chocolate. These rich creamy beverages are like thick shakes but based in chocolate. The result is a unique taste of cold hot chocolate! The price for one tall glass is ₹229.

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The drink comes in 11 flavours. You can add an extra topping of whipped cream for a little custom goodness in ₹49. While the Classic Chocolate Granita is a safe choice, we were compelled to go for something a little more experimental. After all, crazy is the underlying theme at this place. We loved the Torroncino Shake is an almond flavoured choctail with honey and nougat. The Mint Split Latte, Coffee Nirvana, Strawberry and Caramel Granita are all easy picks. We are personally more drawn to anything Hazelnut. The most striking option is their Healthy TCR Lite Choctail made with low fat milk, low fat ice cream and low-fat cocoa. No need to control your cravings anymore. Delhi winter is all about indulging and this is a god-send alternative to watching everybody else eat!

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What’s more

The Chocolate Room has multiple outlets in Gurgaon, one in Malviya Nagar and other parts of Delhi. However, not all of them carry the same menu all through the year. If Gurgaon is not convenient for you, we would suggest you call and confirm the choctails situation. They also serve amazing frozen coffees, chocolate shakes and bakery foods and cakes. Eat only if you have a large appetite because the drinks are pretty heavy. Ditch coffee dates and step up to something more delicious! Chandigarh’s Iconic Bakery Known For Insane Desserts Opens In The Heart Of Delhi


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Where: 10 & 11, Ground Floor, Baani Square, Sector 50, Gurgaon

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