Sip On Chocolate Chai For ₹10 At Chai Sutta Bar In Nehru Place In Delhi

chai sutta bar
by Vidisha Khaitan
by Vidisha Khaitan 2567

Chai Sutta Bar in Nehru Place has come to Delhi’s rescue just in time. The whole world knows Delhi is addicted to chai, sutta and gap. Winter only plays ton our tendencies even further. Dilli ki sardi calls for bonfire and tea, it’s just what we do. There’s also winter street food for dilli ki sardi that will leave you warm and bright under 100 bucks! This chai heaven is exactly what the city has been waiting for. They have over 18 outlets across India and have finally landed in the heart of India, Dilli.

What is it

Chai Sutta Bar is a nationwide chain. It wins the hearts of its people wherever it goes. After conquering Mumbai, Indore, Jaipur, Pune, Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Ujjain and Jabalpur, the time has come for the real test. Delhi winter will judge if there’s any fire beneath all that smoke. Their price point starts at ₹10! That beats the argument of ‘why drink tea at a fancy place when the roadside bhaiya makes it better anyway’. The one thing your bhaiya doesn’t have besides chai as good as this is the fattest, buttery-est Bun Maskaa to dip in the chai. There’s another chai place inside a library in Delhi that’s got us swooning!

Image Credit: Chai Sutta Bar

What’s more

It’s a chai bar. Of course, they have the weirdest concoctions of tea one could ever imagine. Let’s begin with Chocolate Chai. This is their most popular and an obvious favourite. If you like two flavours, bang them together into one. Okay, this is not a blanket rule, but it works with these two! The best-selling Chocolate Chai is for ₹10. The Paan, Elaichi and Rose flavoured chai are other best sellers. Get a Tandoori Maggi along with it and you’re good to go. If you’re with a crazy person who needs something cold instead of a steaming kulhad of chai, no need to break up with them anymore. Chai Sutta Bar has the best Kiwi Ice Crusher to soothe every vein.

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Image Credit: Trip Advisor

Chai sutta and love is the way for Delhi. This bar is hitting the right nerve. Alcohol is for the weekends. What Delhi really needed is a chai bar. Well, your wish is our command. Buckle up for winter, we just brought you the gear. Go ahead and visit the next time you’re around Nehru Place. We know you’d go anywhere for the perfect kulhad of chai. Chai Sutta Bar is one notch higher!

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Where: IFFCO – TOKIO, G-3, 35, 36 Ground, Nehru Place

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