From Poopoo To Nothing, These 10 Places Actually Exist And We Challenge You To Not Laugh

Funny names
by Mallika Khurana 146

What comes to mind your first when you think of the strangest place names? They might be on this list if they are truly bizarre! Some places are well-known for their people, while others are known for their cuisine, and others are popular for their culture. However, the locations you are about to see are known by their funny names! 

The 10 Places With Most Absurd And Funny Names On Earth

Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Truth and Consequences

Photo Credits: Google Maps

In the 1950s, this New Mexico town’s name was changed from Hot Springs to Truth or Consequences after a well-known radio show of the same name promised to air from whichever town changed its name first. Well, was the fame worth it?

Cockermouth, Cumbria, England


Photo Credits: Google Maps

How does one even think of such names, that too for a place? Just imagining a British man showing interest in this place is hilarious. *Focus on the accent*

Boring, Oregon

Funny name

Photo Credits: Google Maps

No one can ever guess how this place got its name. It was actually named after a veteran who lived a long and presumably boring life.

Dull, Scotland


Photo Credits: Google Maps

After Boring comes Dull! While we don’t know who thought of this name or why we certainly appreciate the sense of humour.

Okay, Oklahoma


Photo Credits: Flickr

Eh, Okay! Needless to say, this phrase would define the ‘Don’t-Care’ personality of the residents there.

Wagga Wagga, Australia

Wagga Wagga

Photo Credits: Google Maps

A name so funny, they say it twice!

Poopoo, Hawaii


Photo Credits: Google Maps

Who would think this place was this dreamy after knowing its name? Imagine telling someone you visited the gorgeous island of Poopoo. It just doesn’t work.

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Westward Ho!, Devon, England

Funny name

Photo Credits: Google Maps

Apparently, this funny name was given to this town to attract tourism and create excitement in people. At least now that exclamation mark makes some sense!

No Name, Colorado

No Name

Photo Credits: Google Maps

Wait, there’s more! This place also has a No Name Canyon, No Name Creek, and No Name Tunnel. Let that sink in; we’ll wait.



Photo Credits: Google Maps

Through the years, these committed people believed in nothing, wished for nothing, and worked for nothing. Hence, the name. ( We guess)

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Cover Image Courtesy: Google Maps