From Shopping To Riding Bikes, 10 Times Bengalureans Were Seen Working On Laptops & Multi-Tasking In Public

Here are 10 instances where Bengalureans were seen multitasking like a pro and working on a laptop at the most random places.

by Tashika Tyagi
From Shopping To Riding Bikes, 10 Times Bengalureans Were Seen Working On Laptops & Multi-Tasking In Public

We read somewhere that work is a part of your life, not your whole life. However, if the many instances we see on the Internet are any proof, then this saying is not true for Bengaluru! Social media is filled with videos and photos of people in Bengaluru glued to their laptops at the randomest places. And to prove just that, here are 10 instances where Bengalureans were seen working on laptops and multitasking in public.

Bengalureans Working On Laptops In Random Public Places

1. While Riding A Two-Wheeler

This concerning and highly unsafe video went viral a few months back and made people rethink if this level of multitasking is really what we need in life.

2. In Movie Theatres

Movie show at 9 and a team meeting at 9:30? Not even an issue for Bengalureans because they can handle it like a pro!

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3. During Auto Rides…

People listen to music or read something after work but that definitely isn’t the case with Bengalureans!

4. Exhibit # 2 Of Autos Turning Into Offices

Bengalureans know how to hustle and get their work done, in office and autos alike!

5. While Shopping In A Mall

What to do when you have a meeting to attend but also need to buy new shoes? Simple, carry the laptop along, Bengaluru style!

6. Yet Again, In Movie Theatres

Only in Bengaluru will you find people attending an early morning show armed with a laptop!

7. On Two-Wheeler, Yet Again

This one is safer than the previous one, we suppose?

8. Exhibit # 3 Of Theatres Turning Into Workplaces

Turns out, movie theatres are Bengalureans’ new favourite places to work!

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9. While Riding On A Flyover

Bengalureans Working On Laptops
Image Courtesy: LinkedIn/Harshmeet Singh

That must have been some important work that the guy had to stop in the middle of a flyover to take out his laptop like that!

10. While Riding On The Backseat

only in Bangalore
byu/Construction1ne inindianbikes

In this Reddit post, the girl is seen working in the backseat of the two-wheeler and that definitely is a #PeakBengaluru moment!

We believe that work is worship. But, we also believe in maintaining a work-life balance! Our intention is not to call out a city or its people but rather the culture we’re adopting as a society. So, do yourself a favour, watch a movie with a calm mind, enjoy the cool breeze while you drive, and have fun while you’re out shopping – you owe yourself these little joys!

Cover Image Courtesy: LinkedIn/Harshmeet Singh & X/@Kaey_bee

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