From Splitting Bills To Datetiquettes, How Gen Z Is Navigating & Transforming Dating Culture In India

From culinary adventures to shared movie magic, immerse yourself in the evolving landscape of contemporary love.

by Mallika Khurana
From Splitting Bills To Datetiquettes, How Gen Z Is Navigating & Transforming Dating Culture In India

In India’s modern dating scene, swipes and profiles converge in a digital dance of romance. Bumble’s Modern Romance Report 2024 illuminates the evolving cultural tapestry of love and connection. As Valentine’s Day approaches, the report unfurls a rich tableau of dating cultures in India, offering a panoramic view into the hearts and minds of GenZ and Millennials as they redefine the very essence of romance in the year 2024. Amidst gastronomic treats, cinematic adventures, and the constantly changing rhythm of social media influence, get ready to be enthralled as love unfolds. 

Dating Cultures Evolving In India

1. Food As A Love Language

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  • According to the report, Indian dating culture places a high value on food. 61% of Indian singles actively search for profiles based on their food interests, indicating that many of them prioritise food when making dating decisions.
  • 55% of respondents said they could not date someone whose food preferences are drastically different from their own, highlighting the importance of food compatibility.

2. Culinary Adventures On Dates

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  • In their dating lives, young adults are trying out new foods and dining establishments. 68% of them say they prefer daring to be safe when it comes to food.
  • 79% of respondents said that going to new restaurants together is a common idea for a date.

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3. Dating Etiquette

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  • Single Indians are particular about datetiquette, with certain behaviours being deemed unacceptable.
  • Unacceptable behaviours (“icks”) include being rude to waiters and staff, lack of dental care, constant complaining, interrupting, and messy eating.
  • Acceptable behaviours (“ticks”) include sharing food, splitting the bill, using a baby voice, talking with a full mouth, and using cologne/perfume.

4. Sharing Food And Splitting Bills

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  • It is generally accepted that couples should share food on their dates; 74% of respondents agreed. In a similar vein, 60% of respondents think splitting the bill is acceptable, defying conventional gender norms.
  • These patterns show that daters are becoming more and more interested in equality and shared experiences.

5. Movie And Content Choices

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  • A majority of 77% of the respondents think it is important to share viewing experiences like movie dates or binge-watch shows.
  • Compatibility is determined in part by content preferences, including movie genres. 75% of respondents say it improves their understanding of their date.
  • The most popular genre for first dates is comedy. It is followed by thrillers, demonstrating the wide range of interests among potential partners.

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6. Social Media Influence

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  • With 69% of people considering sharing memes and tagging partners as their love language, social media trends have a big impact on dating behaviours. 
  • Being absent from social media can be interpreted as suspicious; more than half of respondents expressed apprehension about partners who do not use any social media platforms.
  • Social media pressures highlight how online trends have an impact on relationships in real life by making people feel obligated to share details of their travels, parties, and relationship achievements.
  • Social media trends create pressures, including feeling pressured to post about travel. People feel FOMO from seeing other couples, unrealistic standards, and relationship milestones.

In general, there is a shift in Indian dating culture towards transparency, simplicity, and authenticity. Daters embrace their preferences and show their love with heartfelt acts like sharing meals, trying out new things, and interacting with partners on social media. The focus is on sincere relationships and understanding, which shows the changing views of India’s younger generations on romance.

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